10 Superheroes Who Are More Evil Than You Can Imagine

There are a lot of superheroes who due to a lot many reasons turn evil. Whatever the reasons may be they too somewhere are evil. Here is a list of 10 such superheroes:

Susan Storm

This one for sure had to be on this list. When the Psycho-Man goes on rampaging on their city and mind controls Susan Storm she turns into Malice who then uses all of her powers, and doesn’t restrain a bit, almost killing the whole of her friend circle as well as her family. It is Reed Richards then, who turns her back to normal after assaulting her verbally.


Deadpool and Spider-Man are quite chummy, and everyone knows this fact, but what people don’t know is that he has killed Spider-Man in well, a very gruesome manner. In the storyline, ‘Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe’ Wade hears a voice in his head convincing him to kill EVERYONE When Deadpool faces Spidey they have quite a duel before the web slinger’s head is ripped wide open and his brains are on a ground when Deadpool puts a bullet straight into his skull. He then kills the entire Marvel Universe.

Charles Xavier

Charles Xavier’s mom, Sharon was going to have a pair of twins, Charles and his sister Cassandra Xavier. That didn’t plan out though. why? Oh, just because of Charles, in the womb itself found out that his sister is evil and tried to kill her. Cassandra was stillborn and her body was disposed of, or so they thought. She was a mass of cells for decades who kept growing in sewers. Apart from that he has done enough evil stuff, such as lusted for Jean, erased Beast’s memories etc.

The Hulk

Call him a hero, but more than a few times, The Hulk has proved that he is just a raging ball of fire. He there has killed hundreds of innocents after taking the serum in the Ultimates, more so what he does when he returns from the Gladiator planet, and of course we can’t forget what he did in the Old Man Logan storyline. Yep, we are talking about him defending his family for killing Logan’s when they were getting bored. More so he even tries to kill poor old Wolvie.


Yeah call him whatever you want but the truth is that Wolverine can be a villain at times. Old Man Logan has to be Wolverine’s best comic and in the story almost all X-Men are dead. Sad right? What’s even sadder is that they all were killed by the hands of Wolverine himself. This happened when the X-Mansion Is attacked by outside forces and in order to save his students Wolverine kills all the intruders, only to find that those all were actually his own students and it was all but a trick of Mysterio. Not just this, but many times he has also killed innocents.

Iron Man

Well, this one sure can be a matter of debate, but we have to agree to the fact that Tony Stark did betray everyone who once was his friends by siding with the govt. and supporting the Superhero Registration Act. Even in the comics, the billionaire is presented as the antagonist for most of the time, leading to Captain America’s pseudo-death. But that’s not the only case where Tony becomes the bad guy. Be it the Alcoholic Tony or the Extremis storyline. He is a bad guy more than a few times.


Punisher sure has no limit when it comes to violence. The anti-hero can often be seen torturing villains, criminals and blowing people’s brains out on streets in the most merciless way possible. If there is one thing that the Punisher doesn’t do, that’s killing innocents. But in a certain turn of events, the Punisher actually goes on to kill almost everyone that he finds in the Marvel universe. He kills many superheroes as he believes it is because of them that his family died. He had a good revenge but in the end, he ends up killing himself. That’s dark.


We don’t even need to debate over this one. In the Dark Phoenix saga, when he tries to save his fellow mutants, Cyclops himself gets taken over by the Phoenix force, and under its influence kills Professor X, and gets into numerous fights with his earlier teammates. Not only that, he attacks humans and mutants alike with his new team.


Well, if you think the Joker torturing Harley is bad, welcome to the world of this Superdick. Superman can be such a jerk when it comes to Lois. The guy has gone on dates in front of an aged Lois, forced her to marry another man, oh and the best have tried to kill her a number of times. not the Injustice arc, but otherwise too, he has cut her oxygen supply when once she was in space, sent her to the death house for a crime she didn’t commit and once even watched at Wonder Woman beat the shit out of Lois and laughed. Way to go Superdick!! This was just about Lois, he has done more evil stuff too, such as what he did in Injustice.


Superheroes betrayedBatman is known to be the one who’s prepared for all possibilities, this was the case in the arc, Justice League: Tower Of Babel, where the caped crusader had made all the contingency plans to stop every Justice League member, if they went rogue, these plans are stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul and used against the league. Though he’s stopped, the league now distrust the Bat, who even leaves the team for some time.

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