5 Athletes In Movies That Are Insanely Hot

Athletes are the most desirable people who are generally symbolized as being the fittest of all and they actually are. It takes months and years of training to get in a shape everybody desires for and getting ready to compete in their respective events. No matter what they go through, they look insanely attractive and fit. Here comes the role of actors who play a major role in explaining their lives. So let’s get down on the track and check out the five sexiest athletes in the movies who are insanely hot.

 1. Hillary Swank

5 Athletes In Movies That Are Insanely Hot

Normally she does not fall in the list of hottest chicks, but she looked really amazing and badass as a boxer in ‘Million Dollar Baby’. No matter what the film script says, Swank gives you a strong reason to watch the movies over and over again.

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