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    5 Athletes In Movies That Are Insanely Hot

    Athletes are the most desirable people who are generally symbolized as being the fittest of all and they actually are. It takes months and years of training to get in a shape everybody desires for and getting ready to compete in their respective events. No matter what they go through, they look insanely attractive and fit. Here comes the role…

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    5 Athletes Who Changed Their Genders

    By now, the everyone knows about former Olympic champion, Bruce Jenner’s ¬†transformation into Caitlyn Jenner. In April of 2015, the former decathalon star of the 1976 Olympics “came out” during a “20/20″ interview with Diane Sawyer, saying she had gender dysmorphia since childhood and that,”for all intents and puposes, I’m a woman.” This obviously threw the world for a loop,…

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  • NewsAmazing Athletes With Disabilities

    8 Amazing Athletes With Disabilities

    Personally, I have always admired and respected any athlete who has reached the upper echelons of their respective sports. It isn’t just about being blessed with superior genetics, it is about hard work, discipline, focus, commitment and overcoming obstacles. Nowhere is that more evident, than in sports that showcase athletes with disabilities. Some were born with this, some sustained life-changing…

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