Plenty of New Footage of Eternals Revealed

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown no signs of stopping in recent times. Everyone thought we would see a break after Avengers: Endgame but we have received an onslaught of content one after the other, mostly OTT shows but things that have created a ripple throughout the MCU. The latest additions to this universe are going to be Eternals. The Eternals are a team of ancient super-beings commanded by the celestial. Marvel has released plenty of new footage of Eternals in two videos on their official Youtube channel.

The first of these videos is titled “Return.” Although the video itself does not reveal any new footage from the movie, the vibe of the footage is enough to make us take pause. There is some new dialogue thrown into the mix, just enough to give us some insight into the story. For one, the Eternals have been on earth for 7000 years. They were instructed not to interfere in human matters unless the Deviants were involved. But now things have taken a turn for the worse. The emergence has begun.


Take a look:

We do not know what the Emergence is exactly, but we do know that it is very bad for the people of Earth. Presumably, the deviants are coming back and hence the Eternals’ non-engagement embargo has been lifted. The celestials put them here to defeat The deviants when they rise again. Eternals assemble… It is time to fulfill your glorious purpose and also become part of the MCU canon.


New Footage of Eternals

The second video clip is a bit more revealing in terms of plot points. Mostly because the “featurette” is not only reused videos with some new dialogue. It is actually a collection of behind the scene cast interviews. This gives us a very small sneak peek into how the cast felt about the movie along with some hits at the plot. The main information to come out of the video is the revelation of how there are different kinds of Eternalsl Salma Hayek reveals an important detail in her part of the video.


Watch it right here if you haven’t:

She tells the audience that not all Eternals are the same. Out of the ten Eternals in the movie, not all can fight. They are not an army, they are a dysfunctional family that has been alive for 7000 years. These beings may be as powerful as Gods, but they are still just as vulnerable as us. Moreover, Salma Hayek reveals that only 5 of the Eternals are strong fighters. The other five are supposed to be what she calls, ‘Thinkers’. This makes for a very interesting dynamic within the team.


It also means that the roles have been properly divided between team members. Some are tacticians while others are the gatecrashers. This makes for a nice balance within the team meaning that each individual member is imperative for the success of their mission, which is to stop the deviants at any cost. How much do you want to bet that we will see these segregated roles come into play in the story of the movie Eternals? We do expect to see some of the plotlines get resolved by the end.


The Emergence

Ever since the first trailer of the Eternals we have received quite a lot of footage for the movie. We cannot wait for the movie to come out and surprise us in full force. It is one of those features that we have been waiting for for a long time. The new footage of Eternals gives us a slight peek into what’s to come but we cannot wait any longer. We want to see the Eternals battle the deviants as soon as possible. So that we are able to appreciate these heroes in all their glory.


Eternals comes out November 5, 2021. This means that soon our wishes will come true. We will soon find out all the secrets that Marvel Studios has been keeping from us including everything teased in new footage of Eternals.

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