Iris West Allen Becomes A Speedster…Finally!!!

Iris West Allen, The most useless character in the history of Useless characters, is still making heads turn with her antics within the show. The infamous ‘We are the Flash’ punch line is still fresh in our memories. Her dumbassery runs deeper than that though. She contributes nothing to the team; she is just a trophy case for Barry Allen. She always adheres to the Damsel in Distress stereotype and she never ever tries to even understand the concept of Character Development. Yet that hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the Show’s primary spotlight stealer. If you hate Iris Wet, we are about to give you another reason. Iris West is about to become a speedster in the upcoming episode of The Flash Season 4.

Iris becomes the speedster vigilante and protector of Central City in the upcoming episode of ‘Run, Iris, Run’. She will don the mask and save innocent lives in the next episode. How the hell she gets superpower is still the bigger question. Barry Allen aka the Flash will sit this one out as his wife does his job for him. This kind of role reversal is a good storytelling plot point. The fact that they dared to use a crappy character like Iris to do it is utterly unforgivable.

It’s been several weeks since fans had been buzzing about Barry’s better half donning the superhero role in the absence of her husband. While no one knew how most had predicted that this was going to happen sooner than later within the show. Of course, these rumors came at a time when Barry Allen was in prison for being framed for the murder of Clifford Devoe’s already dead body. Barry is no more in prison now. He is all set to become the Flash again. But looks like his wife will also be joining the fray. How she dumbs down the superhero element of the Show (the only part where fans were spared of seeing Iris on screen) is a thing to wonder upon. The reason for making Iris a superhero is still pretty much everyone’s guess. At least she is having some form of development within the show. So that’s something I guess.

The Next Episode of The Flash will see the official debt of Iris West as the protector of Central City in ‘Run, Iris, Run’. The Episode will feature Barry Allen’s wife, Iris West Allen don a super suit and go crime fighting like her husband has done in the show a countless number of times in the past. Barry will be the one coordinating the entire thing in front of the computer screens like her wife used to in the previous episodes. The Episode will see Iris get Superpowers probably because of the doings of the metahuman villain known as the Melting Pot. He will use his ability to swap the DNA of Barry Allen with that of Iris West. Iris will get Flash’s speedster powers while Barry goes back to being the normal guy. Check out the full trailer for Run, Iris Run here:


The Flash has been toying around with such ridiculously fascinating concepts since the very beginning. The relationship dynamic between Iris and Barry has been explored in detail. There needs to be something new. This certainly is something new. It doesn’t have to be nice but it is something that hasn’t been tried ever before. Team Flash has been doing pretty well without Barry this season. When he was in the Speed Force, they kept the City safe in his absence. When Barry went to prison, Ralph and Cisco worked with the rest to do Barry’s job themselves. And now with Iris becoming the new speedster in Team Flash, new beginnings entail.

Iris West Allen speedster

Iris has had tremendous experience dealing with Meta-Humans in the show. She has watched them being taken down, studied them and knows all of their weaknesses. She is become adept at this and will be a perfect fit for the superhero role. But don’t expect Barry to stay in the sidelines for long. One way or another he will get back his super speed. And then who knows?!?! Maybe Barry and Iris will become the Fastest Couple Alive!!!

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