10 Alternate Versions of The Flash That Are Ridiculously Faster Than Him

The Flash is the ultimate speedster. Or so they say. The Speed Force did indeed endow Barry Allen with godlike speed but he is NOT the fastest Man alive, not even by a long shot. In the multi-verse, there exist several alternate versions of Barry Allen that could literally give The Flash a run for his money. Presenting 10 alternate versions of The Flash that is ridiculously faster than him….

Dark Flash

Walter West is the alternate reality version of Wally West. In the former’s timeline, Linda Park, Walter’s wife is murdered by Kobra that leads him into developing a cruel, Machiavellian personality. He will kill and maim his opponents in the name of justice. After realizing Linda is alive in Wally West’s timeline, he tries to take over Wally’s place and easily defeats the fastest speedster ever to assume the Flash mantle.

 Bartholomew Allen

Bartholomew Allen is the Flash of Earth 51 in the New 52 reboot. His powers and mastery of Super speed are so vast that he has used them to defeat all the super villains of his earth. He has done something which even our own Barry Allen couldn’t do. After realizing there was no evil to fight anymore, the Flash of Earth 51 retired.

Kingdom Come Flash

Wallace West is the Flash of Earth 22 in Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come storyline. Wallace is so juiced up with Speed Force energy that he can literally exist in all places at once. Wallace accesses and is one with the Speed Force which grants him a range of godlike abilities.

Black Flash

The thing about Speedsters is that they can be so fast even death has trouble catching up to them. Black Flash is the embodiment of death created by the Speed Force to take down speedsters that try to cheat natural law by running away from the inevitable. Black Flash is feared and respected throughout the multi-verse.

Lady Flash


Lady Flash is the speedster superhero of Earth 33, a planet where magic has taken over the place of technology all thanks to the meddling of Mister Mind. Lady Flash is the keeper of the extra-dimensional speed force in her universe. Thus, she has access to limitless speed as well as the fact that she can gift and steal speed to and from others.

Lia Nelson

Lia Nelson is the Flash of Earth 9. Bt she isn’t a speedster meaning she has no access to the speed force. Lia is actually a being of pure light energy. She can travel at light speed much more consistently, create light based constructs and travel between dimensions. On top of that, Lia is a super model so she had to make this list!!

Johnny Quick

Johnny Quick is the Flash of Earth Three where an evil version of Justice League called the Crime Syndicate has taken over the world. Johnny Quick is initially seen as slower than the Flash but he then develops a special helmet that vastly increases his powers and makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Iris West II

Iris West II is the daughter of Earth 22’s Wally West. She never wanted to become a superhero until destiny happened. Iris’ powers are so vast that she can control the speed force connections of other speedsters as well. While Barry and Wally can only use the Speed Force for gaining super speed, Iris can access it to change the very fabric of time and space itself. Oh and did I forget to mention that she isn’t even 13 yet!

Future Flash

The Future Flash is the Flash of an alternate future timeline where Barry becomes cold and bitter due to the death of his friend Wally West. He then travels back 20 years into the past to kill all the villains he thinks are responsible for Wally’s death. Barry and Wally is no match for the Future Flash who then realizes he is responsible for the very thing he is trying to stop- the death of Wally west.

Black Racer Flash

alternate versions of the flash

Black Racer is the physical manifestation of Death and Darkseid’s greatest weapon. The Black Racer once merged with the Flash to make Barry Allen a literal God of Death of his Universe. As the Black Racer, Barry Allen did not have mastery over speed but over life and death as well. His speed was now unlimited and extraordinary, even in speedster terms. It was only when Barry rejected the Black Racer from taking over his body that the story of the Black Racer Flash came to an end.

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