Why Avatar 2 Has Become The Most Important Movie of 2022 for Disney

The Avatar franchise is the highest-grossing in the world. It showed us what happens when talented people come together and bring to life, worlds that we could have never imagined. Avatar is just a movie but Disney wants to develop it into something bigger. The company acquired the rights to the franchise and brought James Cameron on board back in 2019. Disney already has big plans for the movie. In fact, they have already announced the production of Avatar 3, 4, & 5 over the next six years. This makes Avatar 2 the most important movie of 2022 for Disney not only because of how much they paid for the acquisition of the franchise but how much they are investing in it now.

Avatar is known best for world-building and impeccable CGI. It was the first movie to use computer effects at this scale and this attracted awe and admiration from audiences. The world of Pandora was something that a lot of fans fell in love with thanks to Cameron’s storytelling. All of this made sure that the movie would go on to become the most successful film we have ever seen. It currently leads the list of highest-grossing movies of all time worldwide. The titles that follow it are all owned by Disney, including the MCU and the Star Wars franchise. So the company must have been happy to include the Avatar franchise as the crown jewel of their collection. Disney has big plans for the film.


The Most Important Movie of 2022 for Disney!

Disney is planning to expand the world of Avatar like we could have never imagined. Instead of just making the sequel that was announced in 2010, they are making 4 sequels to the original film. It seems that Disney is planning to explore Pandora much more than previously thought. They want to develop the IP into a franchise and they have the skillset to do so. This is evidenced by the fact that they paid over a billion dollars to acquire the IP and have invested more than that in the production of the films. Not to mention that Disney has been investing quite a lot in opening theme park sections with the Avatar theme, their latest project costing $500 million.


Avatar 2 needs to meet its $1 billion projection not only to make back the money but to ensure that Disney’s other investments related to the IP don’t go to waste. The movie is slated to be released on 16th December 2022, which is the Christmas release window. This means that it will be competing directly with Aquaman 2. This release window is the one that was given to No Way Home and generally ends up being the most profitable one for the year.


The most important movie of 2022

Interestingly enough, all of the Avatar sequels have been given the Christmas release periods. Avatar 3 is scheduled for December 2024, Avatar 4 for December 2026, and Avatar 5 for December 2028. This shows that Disney has a lot riding on the franchise. They wish to create it into something otherworldly and break the box office with their world-building, much like how Cameron did with the first one. The only problem is that the studio cannot know which ideas would work before they implement them.


The Future

So there is going to be a lot of uncertainty involved during the production period. But we have a lot of faith in the studio and we believe that they can create a magnificent world that will entice fans. Avatar 2 will be the most important movie of 2022 for Disney because it will determine how long it will take the studio to develop the franchise and make it as profitable as they would like. We assume that the movie is going to be CGI heavy but not much is known about the plot. There has been some information suggesting that the movie will explore the underwater world of Pandora, but that is where the information ends.


We feel that this is going to be an important year for Disney and this movie will become the base of a lot of their future projects. Avatar 2’s box office performance will be closely monitored by everyone and it will have to outperform its predecessor to escape criticism. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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