10 Books That Are Much Better Than Their Movies

Books Better Than Movies:

All bibliophiles wait for their favourite books to be adapted to the big screen and when it happens we all wait to compare it with our beloved books. There are many good films that were adapted from books and then there are some that just did not live up to expectations. These are some of the movies that could not touch the greatness of their own printed counterparts:

 10. Guillver’s Travels:

Books Better Than Movies

Jonathan Swift’s masterpiece was turned into a stupid Jack Black comedy. Also they tried to change the setting and it was a bad idea. The contemporary setting didn’t work for it at all. So if you ever plan on watching a film adaptation of this book then make sure you read the novel first to understand the amazing work of Swift.

 9. Alice through the looking glass:

Books Better Than Movies

Tim burton’s gothic adaptation of Alice in wonderland that came out in 2010 was able to earn well and got mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. The same cannot be said about this sequel. The length of the movie may be two hours but it feels too long because of its boring story line and lazy performances.

 8. The last song:

Books Better Than Movies

Nicholas Sparrk’s novels have been adapted on screen numerous times and this is yet another example but unfortunately it is not as good as some of the other ones like ‘the walk to remember’ or even ‘the notebook’. The movie starred Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and their chemistry is the only reason to watch the film along with some of the beautiful songs.

 7. Beautiful Creatures:

Beautiful Creatures

This movie seemed to forget its own source material and used it only as a light inspiration. The director and screenwriter took so much liberty with the characters and plot that it was almost unrecognizable and that obviously induced a lot of rage from the readers and fans of the book.

 6. My Sister’s keeper:

Books Better Than Movies

If you are a sucker for tear jerking family dramas then Jodi Picoult and her books are your best friends. My sister’s keeper is an emotional roller coaster that makes you feel for almost every character and understand their life decisions. However, the movie fails at making you feel for the characters and some of the emotion just feels superficial.

 5. Water for Elephants

Books Better Than Movies

This is a heartwarming story and the leads are both good actors in their respective roles but something seems a bit off with the movie as it fails to capture the heart of the book. The movie is based on a historical novel of the same name and revolves around two characters and their love for a circus elephant named Rosie and their own relationship that develops because of it.

 4. The Da Vinci Code:

Books Better Than Movies

On one hand where this book attracted millions to its mystery and treasure hunt like feel, the movie almost failed to do so. Those who have read the book would know how Dan Brown lets the readers figure out things whereas the movie serves everything on a platter for the viewers. Also the film with its three hour length makes all the information overwhelming unlike the book that lets you digest each and every scandalous detail about Christ.

 3. Eragon:

Books Better Than Movies

If you have read the book and expected some cinematic brilliance from the movie then we are with you.  Watching the movie you might even feel like it is based on some other book because of the changes made to the narrative. Also the CGI dragon was really an embarrassment. No wonder they didn’t continue making movies for the rest of the series.

 2. A Wrinkle in Time:

Books Better Than Movies

With such an amazing and talented cast the expectations from the movie reach a new high and that is what happened with the movie adaptation of ‘Wrinkle in time’. The star studded film got average reviews and failed to capture the magic of the book. Fans complained about the plot holes in the film and also the heavy use of CGI was criticized as well.

 1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:

Books Better Than Movies

The book came out a few years ago in 2016 and was an instant bestseller. It is the story of a boy who unleashes a mystery left behind by his grandfather that deals with time loops. The book is very interesting and the author combined the narrative with some spooky photographs that enhance the reading experience. However the movie by Tim Burton falls short in many accounts and didn’t live up to the expectations of the fandom.

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