8 Best Decisions Taken By MCU That Led To Its Massive Success

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the most popular and loved thing in Hollywood right now and no other movie franchise is even close to the fan base the MCU currently has. We all have loved and cherished the movies it has produced till now and we want this franchise to prosper even more. The hype level for the movies being produced is really high and the wait just keeps getting unbearable. The MCU has reached this feat because of some really amazing decisions that have been taken by Kevin Feige and Co. while creating and running this Universe. Here are the best of MCU’s decisions that lead to their success:

Beginning with RDJ as Iron Man!

Iron Man was the first movie in this expanded and elaborated Universe that we now love. It was the best origin story a superhero could ever have and what really worked for the movie and the entire MCU itself was bringing in Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Downey’s fandom is one of the main reasons why the MCU is so successful now. It was a really good call that they did not bring Tom Cruise as he was being considered for the role. We cannot see anyone else play Iron Man.

Linking the movies with Nick Fury

Right from the start of Phase 1 and until the end of Phase 2, Nick Fury was the one who brought it all together. He was the main character for this huge connected story as he is the one who united the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and he is the reason why a connected Universe has turned out to be so successful. Samuel L Jackson has just nailed this role like every other role he takes on and we love what he has done for the MCU.

Recasting Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk

Edward Norton was the one who first took on the role of Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk which was the second movie in the MCU, but due to disputes between him and Marvel, the role was recast and Mark Ruffalo was brought in to play Bruce Banner/Hulk. Since then Ruffalo has shined as the Green Rage Monster and we have really loved him in the movies he has been till now. Ruffalo will now reprise his role in Thor Ragnarok and the two upcoming Avengers movies.

Regularly producing movies since 2008

Ever since Iron Man came out, Marvel has been producing movies every year to expand its Cinematic Universe and they have been giving us great new stories that we have loved. Earlier it had been producing one or two movies per year, but because of the enormous success the Studios. have got, we are now going to get 3 MCU movies every year and 2017 is the first year to do that. Well, we want more and more from Marvel so we hope that this number keeps on increasing.

Making Loki the first Big Bad!

The Avengers was the first ever superhero team-up movie we had ever seen. A movie that big needed a huge villain against the Avengers and making Loki to be the main villain of that movie was the best idea. Tom Hiddleston had really impressed everyone with his character in the first Thor movie and that ensured him being the big bad in The Avengers. We all loved him as Loki and his character arc is one of the best ones in the entire MCU. Loki still stands out as the best MCU villain till now.

Making solo movies with Superhero team-ups.

This is one of the greatest ways to introduce new Superheroes and make amazing storylines by including other Superheroes in a solo outing. We saw this in Iron Man 2 (Iron Man-War machine- Black Widow), Captain America 2 (Cap- Falcon- Widow) and Captain America 3 (almost all the Avengers). Now the same thing is going to happen in Thor: Ragnarok where Hulk and Thor will team up and in Ant-Man and The Wasp. This ideal does not let one get bored of a single character and at the same time makes the movie really awesome.

Having faith in James Gunn and The Guardians

Guardians of the Galaxy came as a surprise hit to all and it became one of the best things about the MCU. We have loved what this gang of outlaws including James Gunn has done for the Universe and considering how successful the first movie was, it was inevitable that we are going to get a sequel and then a proper trilogy. Having faith in Gunn has really increased the hype for the upcoming projects.

Having Cap Lead The Avengers mcu

While Captain America as a character is a natural choice to lead the Avengers, having him do so within the MCU was not a foregone conclusion. The Avengers very well could have been the RDJ show with friends and still made money, but the MCU creators had faith that Evans appeal would grow with the franchise. As beloved as Chris Evans is now as Captain America, we can see why it was the best decision made by the MCU.

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