10 Actors From Twilight Who Disappeared After The Series Ended

So the Twilight series ended a few years ago and since then some of the stars that acted in the series like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been able to rise and shine in their careers but not everyone has been that lucky. These are some of the stars form the successful series who have not shined that bright since the series ended:

Elizabeth Reaser:

The actress who played Esme Cullen almost disappeared after the vampire series ended. She appeared in some TV shows and played small roles but nothing memorable. Her character might have been forgettable but fans liked her as the mother figure to Edward and his foster siblings and her chemistry with Carlisle was also good.

Jamie Campbell Bower:

The actor played the character of Caius in the series who was one-third of the evil Volturi. Bower went on to play small roles like playing young Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 before he played a big role in the YA movie ‘Mortal Instruments’. The movie didn’t do well and so the producers didn’t continue the series. Since then Bower has done a variety of things like appearing in music videos and modeling.

Xavier Samuel:

This good-looking guy played the role of Riley Biers in the third installment of the Twilight series ‘Eclipse’. Samuel got a lot of moments to shine in the film and became a fan favorite after this role. He even won a MTV Movie award for the fight scene in the movie and so we had some expectations from him. He has starred in some Australian films since Twilight but nothing has touched his stint in Twilight yet.

Jackson Rathbone:

Jackson played the character of Jasper Hale in the series and the love interest of Alice Cullen. Jasper was a rather forgettable character and Jackson’s performance wasn’t the best either. After the series ended he starred in a few films and then completely fell off the radar. He owns a production company and we are excited to see where his career goes from here.

Maggie Grace:

Maggie briefly appeared in the Twilight series as she played the character of the beautiful Irina and appeared in the last movie. Maggie has appeared in some films and has played notable characters in the ‘Taken’ series before she appeared in Twilight. After Twilight she appeared in the third installment of ‘Taken’ that didn’t do as well as the first two. Since then we haven’t seen her in anything.

Kellan Lutz:

Kellan played the character of the oldest Cullen brother Emmett in the series and the love interest of Rosalie Cullen. After the series ended Kellan appeared in some films but he got to play the lead in the 2014 version of Hercules which flopped on the box office and Kellan’s career went downhill from there. We hope to see him in more films soon.

Peter Facinelli:

The character of Carlisle was extremely loved in the series by fans as a father figure and a calm and collected guy. The handsome actor has since appeared in the CW show ‘Supergirl’ but hasn’t been seen in anything else. He has been busy with his personal life since he got a divorce and we are hoping we will see him in some more stuff soon.

Nikki Reed:

The character of Rosalie Hale was known for her gorgeous looks and so is Nikki Reed who played the character but her career didn’t quite take off after she starred in Twilight. She got married to another famous vampire Ian Somerhalder in real life and has been busy in her personal life. She hasn’t had much success professionally since Twilight.

Ashley Greene:

Ashley played the character of Alice Cullen who was probably the most loved Cullen of the series after Edward and we loved her quirkiness and warmth towards Bella. The beautiful actress has appeared in nothing notable since the series ended and her fans are obviously disappointed by that. We hope to see her in some new stuff soon as she is really talented and has a great potential for success.

Taylor Lautner:

The third half of the love triangle was the beloved werewolf Jacob Black played by the handsome Taylor Lautner who was extremely loved by fans. His character got so popular that many fans were rooting for him to end up with Bella which obviously didn’t happen as Stephanie Meyers had something creepy planned for his character. Unfortunately, Lautner’s career didn’t take off after the success of Twilight and he hasn’t been able to touch that kind of fame again. It is disappointing because Lautner’s popularity was at the peak during Twilight and his character was the most loved character.

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