10 Things About Wonder Woman That Make Absolutely No Sense

Wonder Woman is the very embodiment of Womanhood. The first Woman Superhero to make it big mainstream, Wonder Woman was created by William Marston Moulton during the days of World War II. While her character has grown from being just eye candy to an actual superhero, there are still several mysteries surrounding her that we just can’t figure out. Presenting the 10 things about Wonder Woman that make absolutely no sense at all….

10.How does she speak Perfect English??

Themiscira was built for isolating the Amazons from the entire world. It was built to shield them from not only their patriarchal culture but the evil that comes with it. English is a language that was born of Man’s World. So it should have been something the Amazons must have never learned. But in the movie, Diana and the rest of the Amazons speak fluent English. How is that possible??

9. Diana wasn’t the first Wonder Woman

Diana first surfaced as Wonder Woman back during World War 2, fighting Nazis and saving the allies. But after the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot the DC Franchise; Wonder Woman was given a new continuity. Her origin story now happened in the 70s. But what about the World War Two Wonder Woman? The writers wrote it off as Queen Hippolyta taking on the mantle when Diana was just a child.

8. Wonder Woman’s secret identity is a dead giveaway

If you think Clark Kent and Superman are ridiculous, think again. Hiding behind the glasses shouldn’t help Clark stay under the radar for too long but at least he keeps his head too low for anyone to figure out. In the DC Comics continuity, Diana Prince used to be a prominent member of the Government while also being Wonder Woman at the same time. How did it take everyone so long to figure this out?

7. Batman forgets his No kill rule around her

Batman is the epitome of pacifism. He is one of the World’s greatest vigilantes but he also adheres to a strict code of ‘No Killing’. That is what makes him the Batman. But Wonder Woman has killed before. She is also a pacifist but she won’t shy away from killing blood if the situation demands it. Batman has been there when Wonder Woman kills an enemy with extreme prejudice but he never seems to object. Why is that??

6. Why does her costume look so American??

Diana is not of American origin. She is Themisciran. But it is not the DCEU costume we are talking about as that is fine. The one in question is the comic book version. In the comics, Diana wears a costume made out of red, white and blue. If Diana represents women worldwide, then why does she look like an American Flag??

5. Why doesn’t she age??

Diana is a demigod by birth. So it stands to reason to think that wrinkles will be a problem for her in the future. In a particular continuity, Diana was not the daughter of Zeus but made out of clay and given life. If that is indeed true, then what is the reason that Diana has lived out hundreds of years. She is a living, breathing Amazon like the rest of her sisters. If they can age, why won’t she??

4. Where was she before BVS??

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman was set somewhere during World War II. The sequel will be set somewhere between the first movie and BVS. But at the end of Wonder Woman, she is seen with a reinstalled faith for humanity and the will to save the day. So when the rogue Kryptonians showed up in Man of Steel, why didn’t she take up arms??

3. Her romance with Superman

Believe it or not, Superman and Wonder Woman used to be a thing. But there is something odd with this. It’s not that they aren’t perfect for each other. It is that Wonder Woman and Superman are too perfect as a couple. And that makes them boring. Thankfully, this continuity is in the trash cans now. Praise the Gods!!!!

2. The Lass of Truth

The Greek Mythology has knives, weapons, armors, chariots and several other weapons. But the Lasso is nowhere near an artifact buried within the Greek culture. It is a distinct all American invention (although they also did exist during the time of the Mongolian and Egyptian empires). Marston invented the modern lie detector so he also made his other creation get its hands on a version of it.

 1. Her current Continuity

Wonder Woman

Diana, in the 2011 New 52 Reboot, was the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. In the 2016 Rebirth issues, she was told the controversial adventures she went on during that time to be a lie but she was still the daughter of Zeus. And she also had a twin brother. This is all very confusing now. Why couldn’t the writer just give Diana a simple and effective backstory like Batman’s and Superman’s?!?!?

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