The Flash: Rumors Hint At Jesse Quick’s Return to Season 4

With the danger of the Thinker and his machinations lurking over the horizon, The Flash is terribly ill-equipped to tackle his threat. Team Flash has a speedster and a team of uber-brainiacs backing him up on each turn and still, Devoe has managed to outsmart the team singlehandedly.

The tables finally turned when Devoe’s plans of keeping Barry imprisoned failed and the Flash was acquitted of first-degree murder. But the Thinker won’t be sitting quietly for a long time. He has already plans in motion. But maybe the tables could again turn in Team Flash’s favor. An old ally of Team Flash from another Earth is, according to rumors, returning to season 4, one who is not only a genius but also happens to be a speedster.

Rumors say the Jesse Quick is reportedly making a comeback to The Flash Season 4.

The Flash has a lot of speedsters running around in the Arrowverse. Barry Allen was the first to be featured within the show, predated within the show’s timeline only be the Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne. Then came Zoom aka Hunter Solomon, the multiverse hopping speedster that lusted for total control over the speed force.

Zoom was defeated by Barry to become the Black Flash, a Speedster’s God of Death. Savitar was the big bad of Season 3. And we all would care less to even remember the drug-induced metahuman powers of Trajectory. Then there is also Kid Flash aka Wally West who will soon be featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

So that leaves us with Jesse Quick, the metahuman Speedster of Earth 2 who later took over the mantle of the superhero protector of her home city back in her own world. She hasn’t been seen yet, apart from a holographic break-up cube projection (don’t ask), in Season 4 of the Flash. But that could indeed be about to change.

After Wally and Jesse broke up in The Flash Season 4 Episode ‘Luck Be a Lady’, she hasn’t been featured in the later episodes. However, we haven’t seen the end of her. Harrison Wells claimed he was visiting his daughter on Earth 2 regularly. After kicking her own father of the Earth 2 Star Lab’s crime-fighting team, there seems to be no animosity within the father-daughter duo. Even Wally, her ex-boyfriend, had made peace with their now dead relationship. So, it was entirely possible for Jesse Quick to return to Earth 1.

And it looks like it might just happen. Candice Patton, the actor who plays Iris West on the show, shared a picture of Violet Beane and her dog Kara in her Instagram account. Although the picture didn’t have the sets of The Flash in the backdrop, the café the picture was taken in is located in Vancouver, where The Flash Season 4 is filming its Episode 18.

While Wally West is nowhere to be found, Jesse Quick has another reason to visit Earth 1 – Her own father. Harrison Wells could be calling Jesse for some help in one of Team Flash’s missions or maybe she is just there to see how her father is doing. With Barry exiting the Speed force in Season 4 premiere, Jesse could be coming to Earth 1 to tell Team Flash of the violent repercussions to the Speed Force caused due to that little stunt. The possibilities are endless. She will most certainly get caught up in the drama but hey who cares!!! Violet Beane is a sight for sore eyes.

It has been a really old rumor – The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 titled ‘Enter Flashtime’ will be a speedster-centric episode that will reunite Barry Allen, Wally West, Jesse Quick and Earth 3’s Jay Garrick and kick off an entirely new storyline. This is also rumored to be the episode when Kid Flash finally becomes a part of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. What is even more interesting is the fact that the episode’s Director will be Gregory Smith, the same guy who directed last season’s ‘Into the Speed Force.’ The upcoming episode sounds like a continuation of that arc. Whatever may be the case, Jesse Quick’s arrival will signal a large scale event within the Arrowverse.


The Flash returns to The CW network with ‘Subject 9’ on February 27 at 8 P.M.

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