4 Best Moments From Castle Season 8 Episode 3

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First off let me just say I love the show Castle. It has been my inspiration and motivation many times. Season eight is just sensational, I loved the premiere and loved the second episode even more. After watching Castle Season 8 Episode 3 some moments in that episode just stuck with me, I had to talk about them. But first, let me acknowledge how well Alexis is taking up her new role in the show, she is becoming a young version Castle, I hope she gets her own show.
The Ghost

So this new character is just filled with curiosity. Beckett’s visit to her old friend in the park shades some needed direction in this new mystery in Beckett’s life. At first I was disappointed when they rekindled Beckett’s past with Senator Bracken, but when they widened the spread to the Attorney General’s office, things got better. This new case brings out a new side of Beckett, makes you wonder if the next episode she would become a vigilante going for rogue justice. I loved the new direction, taking us back to the beginning with the tip about drug money. Shall we follow the trail one more time?

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