Jesse Quick

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    The Flash: Rumors Hint At Jesse Quick’s Return to Season 4

    With the danger of the Thinker and his machinations lurking over the horizon, The Flash is terribly ill-equipped to tackle his threat. Team Flash has a speedster and a team of uber-brainiacs backing him up on each turn and still, Devoe has managed to outsmart the team singlehandedly. The tables finally turned when Devoe’s plans of keeping Barry imprisoned failed…

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    An Important Casting Announcement For The Flash Season 2

    The Flash TV show producers have announced casting of the Jesse Quick character for the second season. Jesse Quick is nothing but an alter-ego of Jesse Chambers, an extraordinary woman with super-speed powers. She is also part of a multi-generational superhero family. She is the daughter of Golden age superheroes – Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle and would later adopt…

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