10 Big Questions That Were Still Left Unanswered After Black Panther  

Black Panther is a groundbreaking masterpiece that brought in a lot of new things into the MCU. It has been directed by Ryan Coogler  who previously directed Creed with Michael B. Jordan (who plays Eric Killmonger), he became the first black man to have ever been at the helm of a major Marvel comic book movie. But Ryan and his team has totally nailed it and lived up to all the hype that surrounded the movie before the release. The movie is breaking records at the box office, it has already crossed $500 million and sitting at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes which means that almost all critics are unanimous in their praise for the movie.

But the movie was entirely flawless as it did not answer many things it was expected to till the end of its run. It also left fans with some more questions in mind. So, here is a list of questions that are still unanswered.  

Can Wakanda Regrow The Heart-Shaped Herb?

Erik Killmonger ordered the Heart Shaped Herbs that were grown in Wakanda to get burnt down as he became the King. This would make him the sole person with the abilities of Black Panther and no one could overthrow him from the throne. Still, Somehow, Nakia Stole the Herb, and T’Challa got it. But fans were left with a question in mind, that will the Wakandan people be able to regrow the herb if the need arrives? Moreover, why did Nakia only stole just one piece of herb and not more, she had access to all of it. Well, it’s the MCU, and people are creative, so yes it could be done again.

What is Bucky learning from Shuri?

In the post-credits scene, as Bucky wakes up, Shuri said to him that he has a lot to learn. Well, that a lot will probably be the things that happened recently in Wakanda, but it likely would be the coming of Thanos and Infinity War, and it was a way to set up Avengers: Infinity War. It may be about Bucky’s own personal condition as well, or even the new tech arm that will be given to him. But this can be discounted as Bucky made it clear much before the release that he is not part of the Black Panther ending all speculation.

How many spies does Wakanda have worldwide?

In the movie, W’Kabi reveals that the War Dog spies are set throughout the world in almost every nation. But, still, the fans would want to know that how many of these spies are operating in other nations and what kind of an impact they are having in the entire world. Well, if these Spies were around 10000, then each nation could have had at least 50 warriors, and if armed with cutting-edge Vibranium tech, they could take out entire countries within a span of days.

How is Wakanda a sustainable country?

We know that Wakanda has been operating in the shadows for centuries and they are not involved in any world aid as they have a mountain full of Vibranium. But, how is it a sustainable country and how are they getting things which they can’t naturally grow there. What they trade with if they don’t want Vibranium to reach the rest of the world. Well, an answer to this could actually that Vibranium is really huge in number and they build skyscrapers and buildings out of that only. Or they pay the entire world’s traders a lot to keep their mouths shut.

Are The Jabari Really Vegetarians?

When Nakia, Shuri, Ramonda and Ross went to M’Baku for asking help as they had just lost T’Challa, he threatens to feed Ross to his children. Then comes in a typical Marvel movie quip- “I’m just kidding, we are vegetarians.” So, these people who only wear animal fur are really vegetarians? Well, this might only have been a joke by M’Baku as they climatic conditions they live in are not sustainable for growing food. So, they would have to depend upon animals. Also, the one who saved T’Challa was a fisherman himself.

Can Vibranium be permanently deactivated?

In the movie, we saw that Shuri invented Sonic Stabilizer system that deactivates Vibranium. So this system, if someone gets hands-on, can be easily used against the likes of Black Panther and Captain America. Well, a scheme to depower Vibranium could come in handy if used correctly, so let’s just wait and watch.

How will Wakanda’s interaction with the globe impact the world?

As we saw in the mid-credits scene that as announced by T’Challa, Wakanda will no longer be a country that watches from the shadows. This could actually open many gates in the future of MCU because, the world will have the advanced Wakandan tech to use for the better, but it could also bring in new Villains like Ulysses Klaue who would misuse this. So, let’s see how this fact will be handled?

Is T’Challa the last Black Panther?

As we saw in the movie that there were multiple Black Panther’s before T’Challa and they all got their strengths from the Heart Shaped Herb. Since all the Heart Shaped Herbs were burnt as mentioned above, so will T’Challa be the last Black Panther? Well, it all depends upon the growth of the Heart Shaped Herb. And the future Black Panthers may come up without the abilities of the Herb, who knows.


Black Panther is also known as “King of the Dead” as all the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of previous Black Panthers (ancestors) is transferred to his body and consciousness. So when T’Challa and Nakia will have a son, he will inherit the kingdom and become Black Panther and hopefully he will defeat any Killmonger that might challenge him in the ritual combat.

Are Klaue and Killmonger really dead?

If we saw the movie with full focus, we can say that we were only lead to believe that both Klaue and Killmonger were dead because we got to see the body of Klaue that may be fatally injured, but may not be dead and when Killmonger collapsed T’Challa could have still healed him at the last moment if he believed that Killmonger could serve a bigger purpose in the future. But Marvel does not pull stunts like these, also Killmonger’s story came to an end and we have plenty of storylines that require closure.

Where the hell is the soul stone?

The movie does not reveal the 6th Infinity Stone, which is the soul gem, and this was one of the highly anticipated story points for Black Panther, but instead, the purpose of the Infinity Stone that was expected to show up in the movie was replaced entirely by Vibranium. Wakanda hides in the shadows in order to protect its immense reserves of Viranium to fall into the wrong hands. And instead of this, People actually thought that Wakanda was hiding the infinite power of the soul gem. It was a big let down for a section of the fans who went to see the movie for possible easter eggs of Soul gem as it was widely considered to be the way Black Panther movie will set up the upcoming Avengers Infinity War.

So the answer to the stone now will come up in Infinity War only. But whatever the concerns are of Marvel fans….we are sure that Infinity War movies will provide answers to them. You should check out for sure. Here is the official synopsis of the movie:

“After the death of his father, T’Challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king. When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king — and as Black Panther — gets tested when he’s drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, the young king must rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people”.

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