Batman And Green Lantern Are Now…. A COUPLE!!!!

Superheroes have almost always ended up under the sheets together. Their line of work is troublesome and not many understand the risks and the sacrifices. The one who do, wear a mask and fight crime themselves. Chance encounters between two superheroes, infatuation, longing and the eventual release of the beast within when no one is looking are what makes superhero romances so damn drool-worthy and outright page-turners. Guilty pleasures they all are. Do not deny that you too once wanted to see Batman and Wonder Woman or Captain America and Black Widow getting caught red-handed while doing it.

The latest to join the fray is Batman and someone who sure as hell ain’t Wonder Woman. While the Bruce-Diana Romance is something for the ages, it is not what we are talking about. The latest victim to fall prey to Bruce Wayne’s otherworldly charms is none other than the ring bearer of the Galaxy. That’s right folks!! Green Lantern and Batman shared a kiss on the panel. They could very well be DC Comics’ answer to the (erstwhile) Brangelina of Hollywood.

Fraternizing with Work Colleagues is never something to look forward to. That is a rule Batman follows dearly. But he has broken it quite some times in the comic books. After Wonder Woman, Jessica Cruz – DC Comics’ current Green Lantern and a fellow Justice League member, shared a passionate kiss with the Caped Crusader.

Justice League, written by Christopher Priest, has gone through one of its darkest and bone-chilling episodes in recent history. But with superheroes, the danger is just around the corner. A sociopathic and deranged fan of the Justice League has taken over the League’s Headquarters called the Watchtower. He has unfortunately learned all of the League’s secret identities via the Watchtower’s computer databases and now knows all their deepest, darkest secrets. The Super Fan is also dealing with the League’s enemies with lethal force. The Justice League, that has faced world ending and universe ending threats with ease now faces a dilemma they do not know how to get out of – a Public Relations nightmare.

The Justice League is breaking apart. After Justice League #38 saw Batman stepping down as the Chairman of the League, he is ready to depart the Watchtower for Good. Jessica Cruz meets Batman and the two share a silent moment before both lean in and share a kiss. Jessica whispers “This is going to be complicated,” before they share the kiss.

Damn, Right it is!! This is going to be the mother of all complicated relationships. Both are going to hog the spotlight for this week’s issue. Most of you may know by now that Batman got engaged to Cat woman under Tom King’s run on Batman. The recent JL issue saw Wonder Woman and Batman being stranded in War World for 30 long years. They once had the temptation to give in to their basic physical instincts (considering the long history they share together, they should have), but both decided to act against it. Batman and Wonder Woman love someone else and would like to keep it that way. While Wonder Woman is no longer in the crosshairs of Sin, Batman can’t say the same. Apparently, Jessica Cruz can charm Batman in ways Wonder Woman never could.

Although she is wearing the most powerful weapon in the universe, Jessica Cruz is still a normal human being. Wonder Woman is an actual Goddess. Perhaps Batman can connect with Jessica in ways he never could with Diana. But that is not going to stop things from overcomplicating further in the next issues.

batman green lantern

Jessica Cruz recently joined a superhero dating app (of which her current boyfriend Siman Baz is also a member). The Dating App turned out to be a trap but fans were surprised to know that Jessica is also interested in Dick Grayson aka Night Wing. While we don’t care what Simon Baz thinks about this (coz he is an asshole), it I Cat Woman we are worried about. Batman is soon going to be married to the love of his life, Selina Kyle. It is better for him to come clean before things get out of hand. Cat Woman is not a woman you should make enemies with after all. Hell hath no fury like Cat Woman scorned!!!

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