10 Hottest Eva Mendes’ Movies That Will Make You Fall For Her

Eva Mendes is not a huge star, but she has been a modestly successful model and a business woman. She has dated Ryan Gosling for years. Here’s a list of her hottest roles in Hollywood.

Stuck on You:

Eva MendesDirected by Farrelly Brothers. Eva plays a girl-next-door who is a lingerie model cum aspiring actress charms men by wearing tiny outfits. Check her out.

Ghost Rider:

It is an abomination of a movie based on a popular comic-book character. But watch it for Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes) who was so hot that ghost rider made a deal with the devil.


In this 2005 romantic comedy, Eva plays Sara Melas who is a gossip columnist pitted against Will Smith who is a professional dating consultant.

Training Day:

It is one of the best Denzel Washington works, but Eva’s performance was par excellence. She was hot mistress to Denzel and mother of his secret son.

Girl in Progress:

Released in 2012, Eva plays a working mother who is caught in daily chores of life. But that didn’t stop her being hot n sexy.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico:

It is a third and final movie in Robert Rodriguez trilogy, starring Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp. Eva Mendes plays a sexy, violent femme fatale who will make you fall for her in a crazy way.

The Other Guys:

It is one of Will Ferrell’s most underrated movie, released in 2010. Eva plays Dr. Sheila Gamble who is so far off the league of Allen Gamble that they are a joke together.

2 Fast 2 Furious:

In 2003, Eva Mendes (Monica Fuentes) was added to the ensemble cast of the second installment of F&F franchise. Needless to say, she was hot n happening.

The Spirit:

Directed by Frank Miller. The movie is a combination of Sin City and 300, but only in visuals. Eva Mendes looked sexy as hell playing Sand Saref (a jewel thief). Don’t miss this one.

We Own the Night:

Directed by legendary Martin Scorcese. It’s a pretty dark film and is quite forgettable except the performance by Eva which was a breath of fresh air.

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