New Look At Hulkbuster Armor Has Been Revealed

Fans eagerly wait for May 4. As  the marketing for infinity war shifts into the final year, we get more and more news from official channels. In this case, it’s an image from Marvel studios official sub-Reddit. An image showcasing the Hulkbuster armor 2.0. What does this mean for the MCU, more importantly, what does this mean for infinity war? Avengers infinity war is the story of how the Mad Titan Thanos moves on earth to attain all six of the infinity stones.

The final agenda of Thanos is still unknown, although fans theorize that it might have something to do with his motivations in the comics, that is to please death. The personification of death is to Thanos what a third-grade crush is a normal human being. It doesn’t help at all that the personification prefers Deadpool over Thanos. Poor Mr. Conqueror of the universe gets all sad and goes looking for the infinity gems to please death. By feeding her.

This is the war coming to the MCU. And here is outer first look at the weapon that may be used in this war. ‘And the devil was headlong sent…. With all his engines, to build in hell’

  The Consequences

The Hulkbuster 2.0 artwork not only reveals the fact at the armor is sleeker but it also showcases how upgraded the entire technology is. We see a garnished Anand lustrous texture over the previous robust one. Which implies that even the technology for the armor along with the interface has come a long way since the days of age of Ultron.

We have already seen the Hulkbuster in action when Stark used ‘Veronica’ to battle an enraged Banner. We saw an epic clash and realized how Stark’s technology was an adequate deterrent for Banner’s fury, the resulting stalemate added to the influence that helped Banner to calm down.

There have been rumors that suggest that the one piloting the Hulkbuster 2.0 armor will not be Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) but Bruce Banner himself (Mark Ruffalo). Theirs seems to point to the fact that the whole hulk taking over the phase of Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner from Thor: Ragnarok is temporarily over. Even though Ruffalo debates with himself in the entire movie we still see him fighting Hela and in the epilogue scene, Thanos.

The idea here seems to be that after the confrontation that occurred at the end credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk has somehow made it home and Thor is aboard the Guardian’s ship. Perhaps Banner and Odinson mutually decided to split paths so that Thor can aim to stop Thanos from getting to the power stone on Xander, while Banner rushes to earth to forewarn the avengers of the oncoming war.

To warm the avengers of Thanos and the oncoming storm. If this is the case then it would seem readily apparent why Stark would suggest an upgrade for Bruce Banner to take into battle. A good general uses all of his weapons to take down a powerful enemy.

Hulk is an unstoppable beast, and yet we have seen him rendered useless in front of all-powerful Gods. The mad titan can defeat any god in about, and he’s coming to earth

Considering this, it is only natural that the earth’s mightiest heroes not only want use Hulk’s power but also empower Bruce Banner in any form that they can.

The armor itself seems to have been completely overhauled, it seems as though MCU has started the slow transition of Tony Stark from a playboy to a wise veteran of the war. He must be the leader that the Avengers need in this hour of need. He has come through with this armor which seems to have a better alloy composition(considering the silver highlights) and technological and engineering superiority (considering that the design seems sleeker with a single machine rather than a collection of parts).

The theory that Banner will be the one piloting the suit is further evidenced by the fact that the new LEGO figurines out right now have new pieces for both Bruce Banner and the Hulkbuster armor but no Tony Stark.

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