Here’s The First Captain Marvel’s New Costume And It’s Tremendous

Captain Marvel is the movie we know the least about in the upcoming Phase 3 slate of the MCU. The movie is still about a year away and fans got the first look at Captain Marvel through a concept art which was revealed at Comic-Con last year.

Along with the costume, various other details were revealed about the movie. We know that Nick Fury is going to be on this one and he is going to have 2 eyes as it is a prequel to the rest of the MCU just like Captain America was. The movie as we know will be set up in the 90s and will connect right into Avengers 4 when we will get to see Captain Marvel with the rest of the Avengers. The Skrulls are going to be the main villains of the movie and it will focus on the Kree-Skrull War that happened in space and will explore a little more of the cosmos in the MCU.

Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel Costume

Also, along with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Jude Law will be starring as Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel just started production and Brie Larson was spotted in her Captain Marvel costume on the sets of ‘Captain Marvel’ and the first look at her costume seems to be amazing! Well, I know what you are thinking, this is not costuming Captain Marvel wears in the comics, this is not her trademark Costume as the colors of her suit are Red Blue and yellow (Gold) and not Green Blue and silver.

Well, there is obviously a reason behind this, and fans need not worry as this is one of the suits Captain Marvel is going to wear in the movie. This is the first suit that she is going to don before actually getting into her trade-mark suit with the colors red, blue and gold.

Well, here is a fan-edited photo that has been photo-shopped into the Captain Marvel suit we are used to seeing in the comics. This suit actually gives us the base of how Larson is going to look in her suit and I have got to say this, it is just perfect. Everything about Larson just suits this role, her hair, her face, her figure and we all know that she is indeed a great actor, so she is Captain Marvel we deserve.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind right now would be that why is the Captain Marvel suit green and blue at the beginning. Well, even for those who have been following the comics for years, the history of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is a bit twisted and confusing. But, there are two possible answers to this.

First one is that this suit could be the Kree version of the suit as Captain Marvel does get her powers from the Kree in the comics, and she simply snags it from a Kree soldier when she gets her powers and later she is going to transition into the suit we are used to seeing her in.

The second one could be – As Jude Law’s Mar-Vell is a Kree warrior and originally when he came to Earth, he donned a green and white suit and used the name, Captain Marvel.  Eventually, he donned the familiar red and blue suit with the gold star and this would be the inspiration for Carol Danvers when she gains similar abilities in the movie. This is how Jude Law’s Mar-Vell ties into the movie.

Later in the comics, Carol Danvers adopted her black and gold suit that she wore for most of her time as Ms. Marvel, but she adopted the familiar colors when Mar-Vell dies and takes the mantle of Captain Marvel. This could be the case in the movie as well, except we are not going to see her as Ms. Marvel.

Here’s The First Captain Marvel’s New Costume And It’s Tremendous

Captain Marvel will hit the theatres on March 8, 2019, and we are going to see her next in Avengers 4 along with the rest of the Avengers. So how do you guys find this costume? Is it on par with your expectations? Tell us in the comments.

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