10 Times Batman Did Something Physically Impossible

While Superman might be considered as the epitome of heroic charisma, representing the entire spectrum of goodness which must be present in a superhero, Batman will always be the one you will call when in deep trouble.

A normal human being, who doesn’t have any superpower whatsoever, yet, managing to go toe-to-toe with the entire Justice League, or sometimes, impressing a New Godlike Darkseid. Batman is the personification of perseverance and determination, the paragon of humanity.

While most fans might use his iconic ‘I’m Batman!’ quote to justify his feats, any true fan knows that it’s his iron will and headstrong attitude which makes him a superhero devoid of any superpowers.

Batman’s mortality has never stopped him from trying a lot of tasks which can actually kill a normal person. His unmatched intelligence along with his peak physicality has given the fans some truly unforgettable moments.


Since his inception, Batman has taken part in some outrageous adventures which makes him the one mortal who is respected by the entire Justice League and also, his rogue gallery. From Grant Morrison’s run to Scott Snyder’s current run, Batman has always triumphed, even in the face of impossible odds.

Here, we have compiled a list where Batman did something physically impossible.

10. Swam Through An Active Volcano

In Dark Days: The Forge, Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo introduced Dark Knight in his usual fashion; doing something near impossible. In this run, Batman swam through molten lava using his hi-tech suit which can withstand high temperatures. But midway, his suit starts to give up and things get intense. But Batman manages to save a stranded scientist before his suit gives up.

After the event, Batman and the scientist managed to get to the ocean, where Aquaman provides the necessary help to the scientist. But not the one to ask for help, Dark Knight swims to the surface after surviving a grueling swim in the ‘volcano’.

9. Flipped Solomon Grundy With One Hand

In Tom King’s Batman #2, Dark Knight takes a leap of faith by trusting a new generation of heroes to take responsibility. In this issue, the new heroes Gotham and Gotham Girl meet Solomon Grundy, who is laying waste to the city. While both Gotham and Gotham Girl are endowed with superpowers, Solomon Grundy manages to beat the shit out of them, until Dark Knight arrives.

Upon his arrival, Grundy charges towards The Caped Crusader, only to get smashed on the pavement by Batman. While the feat might look as if Dark Knight has superpowers, but in reality, he just used his martial arts skill to throw a much larger person using momentum. But nonetheless, it was a cool moment in recent history.

8. Survived a Cave-in

In Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s ‘Endgame’, Batman and Joker duel for the final time in a crumbling Batcave. After a bloodied fight, the roof of the Batcave collapses, leaving both Batman and The Joker for dead.

But in his usual fashion, Batman emerges out alive from the rubble. After surviving the collapse, he suffers from a temporary amnesia, forgetting his time as The Batman. Without any surprise, he is prepared for such an event. He downloads his past memories which he had stored in a machine, thus becoming The Batman once again.

7. Escaped from a grave

In Grant Morrison’s ‘Batman RIP’, the Black Glove crime syndicate tears down Gotham, along with breaking the Bat both physically and mentally. Thanks to a mental trigger, Batman is transformed into a violent Batman of Zur-Enn-Arrh. In order to put Batman to rest, Dr. Hurt puts him in a straight jacket and buries him alive in a grave.

While the syndicate celebrates, The Joker warns them that Dark Knight will be back with a vengeance. After years of tussle, it’s only natural that The Dark Knight’s arch-nemesis will know about his strengths and weaknesses. It was only a matter of time before Batman returned with a stable mind to kick some serious ass.

6. Takes an impossible shot

Batman is famous for a lot of things. One of those things is his resolve to not use firearms in his quest for justice. But in Detective Comics #710, Batman is forced to use a firearm in order to save innocent lives.

DC Comics’ greatest assassin Deathstroke once paid a visit to Gotham City to take down a crazy villain going by the name of Gunhawk. In order to stop Deathstroke from taking the shot, Dark Knight put innocent lives at risk as he let Gunhawk sail on a boat filled with civilians. In a desperate attempt to disarm him, Dark Knight finally used a sniper rifle, effectively disarming Gunhawk. Deathstroke, being one of the greatest marksmen on the planet praised Batman’s marksmanship, claiming that the target was way beyond normal sight.

5. Defeated the Sensei

In a crossover series, it is revealed that the Sensei is actually the father of the Demon’s Head, Ra’s Al Ghul. In a fight with his own son, the Sensei easily wipes the floor with Ra’s, proving his mettle at such a ripe age. Afterwards, he fights with Batman. Before the confrontation, he boasts that Batman won’t survive for more than a minute against him.

As the fight ensues, the Sensei breaks Batman’s arms, blinds him and eventually stabs him, almost cementing his victory. But with Batman, you can never rule out the odds. In a desperate attempt, Batman lunges towards the Sensei, only to tumble into the fountain of youth. But with the Sensei’s impure spirit, he is immediately annihilated upon his contact with the water, while Batman emerges alive, healed and slightly de-aged.

4. Beat the Justice League

It’s a well-known fact that Batman can win against insurmountable odds if provided with enough prep time. But what happens when you pit The Dark Knight against the entire Justice League without any prep time? The reasonable answer would be that Batman will be blown to smithereens even before throwing a punch. But, that’s not the case.

In ‘Batman: End Game’, the Joker poisons the entire league to force them to attack Batman. Without any prep time, Batman decides to don the Fenrir suit, which was created to counter every League member’s strengths. While he manages to defeat the Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, his suit wasn’t able to take blows from the Man of Steel. Using the final trick up his sleeve, he spits Kryptonite laced gum from the suit to weaken Superman. And then, he punches the crap out of him using miniature red suns, which are mounted upon the suit’s mechanical knuckles. In any universe, there can’t be a Batman who is not prepared.

3. Beat a God

In Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis, Darkseid kidnaps Batman knowing that leaving him alone would be catastrophic in his quest to conquer the universe. For most of the series, Dark Knight is locked as a prisoner. But when he finally manages to break free, he accomplishes something astonishing.

Upon his release, Dark Knight shoots Darkseid with a Radion bullet, which is lethal to New Gods. As the two engage in a lethal duel, Dark Knight manages to have a clean shot, using his excellent marksmanship once again. But Darkseid’s Omega beams also find their way to The Dark Knight, thus killing him in the process.

2. Survived in space

In JLA: Welcome to the Working Week, we get to see the daily lives of the Justice League. The Headquarters of the Justice League is the famous Watchtower, which is placed in the dark and cold vacuum of space. A journalist manages to slip inside the Watchtower to show the people about the daily lives of the world’s greatest superheroes.

The journalist watches Wonder Woman and the Plastic Man hosting a party. He also watches Dark Knight exposing himself to the cold vacuum of space. What? Yes, that’s right. It was seen that Dark Knight asked Martian Manhunter to look out for him, while he latches himself to the door for the exposure. It was an exercise in order to be prepared in case the Watchtower is compromised. The Dark Knight is always prepared.

 1. Defeated Superman

In ‘Batman: Hush’, Superman is under Poison Ivy’s control. Poison Ivy sends Superman to kill Batman for good. In his confrontation with the Man of Steel, Dark Knight uses almost every gadget in his utility belt, even using the Kryptonite ring to weaken Superman.

While it was known that Superman was controlling himself before succumbing entirely to Ivy’s mind control, his blows were still powerful enough to bring down buildings. Using his wits, Batman ordered Catwoman to drop Lois Lane from a building, which made Superman break the mind control. In this case, Dark Knight was able to achieve an impossible feat, survive against the Man of Steel.

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