10 Incredible Ways Arrowverse’s Green Arrow Copied DC Comics’ Batman

The Green Arrow from the Arrowverse is the most well-known superhero from The CW’s Shared Superhero Universe called the Arrowverse. While the show has blossomed into a one of a kind primetime entertainment medium, it has taken several leaves from one of DC’s premium vigilantes – The Batman

10. Brooding Personality

The Green Arrow from the comic books is not necessarily a jolly fellow. But the way Oliver queen carries around that sorry looking face everywhere in the show almost always takes the cake. Oliver Queen, in the comic books, is a wisecracking humorous guy that makes regular puns while catching bad guys on rooftops. The Arrow from the show is a dark, gritty personality just like Batman is in the comics.

9. A Cool Secret Lair

Both Batman and the Green Arrow have a secret lair. While Batman’s lair is the more popular one, if you watch the Arrowverse shows then Green Arrow’s lair would be kind of hard to miss. Green Arrow’s lair is called the Bunker and houses all kinds of weapons, firearms, and gadgets to catch the bad guys.

8. An All seeing surveillance network

In the Comics, the Batman has a sprawling network of CCTV and traffic cameras to watch over Gotham City and help him reach the crime scene even before the cops do. He also keeps his ears sharp for police frequencies that might give him some clues. In the show, Green Arrow has Overwatch do the job for him. Green Arrow also uses the citywide cameras and space-based satellite networks to keep track of criminal elements within the city.

7. Close Combat Prowess

Only a handful has beaten the Bat in Combat. Deathstroke and Lady Shiva are the only two to have done so in the comic books. The Batman has learned all forms of martial arts that he has fused together to form a unique style that allows him to take on multiple opponents single-handedly. In one of the Arrow season 3 episodes, Oliver Queen uses more than 6 types of combat techniques while he is the Green Arrow.

6. Batman has Oracle, Green Arrow has Overwatch

Oracle is DC Comics’ foremost Computer analyst and Hacker extraordinaire. Oracle used to be Batwoman until she was paralyzed from the waist down by the Joker. She then put her computer skills to good use and helps Batman in the digitized world. Overwatch is Felicity Smoak. She is the Arrowverse’s most formidable hacker. She was also paralyzed from the waist down and ended up becoming one of Team Arrow’s greatest weapons.

5. Connection to the League of Assassins

Although Green Arrow has connections to the League of Assassins in the comic books too, the shows have widened the scope extensively. Batman was trained by the League to become the legendary vigilante of Gotham he is today. Similarly, Green Arrow was also trained by the league that enhanced his already incredible abilities. Both have also faced against their previous mentors several times in climactic battles.

4. Both have a team of their own

Batman has the Bat Family – Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood are all well-known members. Green Arrow has Team Arrow – Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, Spartan are Arrowverse’s premium Support superheroes. Both the Team Arrow and Bat Family have provided extensive moral support and back-up to their mentors when they were cornered and in desperate need of help.

3. Marksmanship

The Green Arrow is not just good with the Bow and Arrow. He only uses that because he is the most comfortable with it. The comics only portray Green Arrow as a good archer and nothing else. His skills with other weapons are average. But the Arrowverse has shown the Green Arrow operating and shooting Firearms with expert and pinpoint accuracy. It is safe to say that the Batman’s legendary marksmanship needs no introduction at all.

2. Their Wives are also Vigilantes


In Batman Rebirth, fans were introduced to one startling revelation – The Batman that is famous for playing it alone, the lone wolf of the superhero world, proposed to Cat Woman aka Selina Kyle. This event took the comic book world by storm. In the Arrowverse at the end of Crisis on Earth X, Oliver Queen proposes to Felicity Smoak. Felicity Smoak is also a Vigilante in her own right. She helps Team Arrow co-ordinate their efforts via her digital wizardry under the codename Overwatch.

 1. Both became Vigilantes to cope with their parents’ death

Both the Batman and the Green Arrow are Orphans. In the comics, Moira Queen – Oliver’s mother is actually alive. In the show, she was killed by Deathstroke right in front of Oliver. Oliver’s father also killed himself in front of Oliver to let his son survive. When Bruce was a kid, Joe Chill also killed both his parents right in front of Bruce’s eyes. The traumatic ordeal of seeing their parents killed was what made both a better person and renewed the fire that burned within them to punish the criminal scum of their respective cities.

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