10 Most Controversial Moments In DC Movies of 2017

DC Films helped release three movies last year. Justice League and Wonder Woman were released under the DC Extended Universe Banner. LEGO Batman was not part of the DCEU but it is still regarded as a DC movie. While almost all movies scored well at the Box Office (almost!!) they had some moments that were just too appalling for certain fans to ignore.

10. Iron Man Sucks

The Marvel-DC rivalry is legendary in both the comic book industry and in Hollywood. On the outside, both houses portray themselves to be getting along with each other but on the inside, they take digs and make jokes pointed at each other. After Deadpool took a hit on WB’s Green Lantern movie, Lego Batman saw Batman setting the password to his Bat Cave as ‘Iron Man Sucks’.

9. Unnecessary Reshoots

Zack Snyder had already filmed most of the movie when Joss Whedon took the helm. He ordered a complete overhaul and made several reshoots for already shot scenes. Many fans were disappointed by Whedon’s childish touch-ups to iconic scenes from the trailer. Several scenes were shot using green screen which was fairly obvious and the movie was ridiculously dumbed down for the sake of entertainment.

8. Where is Green Lantern?!?!

Green Lantern is one fellow that the DC movies absolutely hate judging by how he is portrayed in the movies. The Justice League movie was supposed to be the debut for Green Lantern who was expected to join the League as the movie ended. He didn’t. All fans got were a flashback scene of two lanterns fighting Steppenwolf. Even the Lego Batman movie portrayed GL as weak and stupid.

7. Wonder Woman’s Big Villain Reveal

The movie was an absolute gem. Wonder Woman is so good that the studios are even pushing it for an Oscar Nomination. But Wonder Woman had his fair share of flaws. At the end of the movie, Steve makes Wonder Woman realize that maybe humanity is the evil she is looking for. Maybe it is us who need to change. The concept where the big bad is the very people that the protagonist is trying to protect is new and interesting. But then Ares shows himself and the concept are lost to the wind for the sake of a spectacular, decisive fight on the climax.

6. Steppenwolf’s Mother

Who the hell was Steppenwolf talking to all that time in Justice League? In the comic books, Motherboxes are not referred to as ‘Mother’. Maybe the movie changed a bit how the Boxes were addressed. But Steppenwolf’s already cliché dialogues were further convoluted by him referring to the boxes in the third person and sometimes talking in a sense that did not make any.

5. Henry Cavill’s Mustache

It has already been made a meme of by now. Cavill’s Mustache has been the bane of a lot of the Studio’s worries during reshoots. Henry Cavill had already shot all his scenes and was working on his next project when Whedon ordered reshoots. The Reshoots would require Cavill to give up on his Mustache which his next project did not allow him to. The result was Cavill’s Mustache was removed via CGI in post-production for a whopping $ 25 Million USD.

4. Wonder Woman is sexualized

Now this one made quite the stir when the movie was released. Wonder Woman is the only member of the League but that does not mean she has to play the love interest of the entire group. In the movie, the Flash falls on Wonder Woman’s chest, a scene shows Diana’s buttocks as she jumps down to the floor and even Aquaman tries to make a move on her during another scene. Wonder Woman is not some object. DCEU forgot that entirely. Blame Whedon for this.

 3. The Amazons’ revealing battle gear

The Amazons are a warrior race of women that live on the island of Themiscyra. They are trained from birth to fight and become a soldier. But in one promotional Photoshoot, a picture of several Amazonian Women sitting on the Batmobile went viral. The picture showed the women wearing scantily clad clothes that left almost nothing else to bare.

2. Wonder Woman’s retcon in BVS

In Batman vs. Superman, Diana claims that she has not been active on the superhero part because she has lost too much of herself and she no longer believes in humanity. This is the reason Wonder Woman wasn’t seen until Doomsday arrived. But in Wonder Woman, she claims at the end that she believes humanity can be saved through the power of love and that she will never stop fighting. Why is she contradicting herself?

 1. How did DCEU explain Clark Kent’s return

We all know that Superman met his demise fighting Doomsday in BvS. Both Superman’s and Clark’s funeral was held separately and simultaneously. While Superman returned to Justice League, his resurrection can be explained under the umbrella of ‘Just Superman Things’. But what about Clark Kent? At the end, he returns to the office he used to work in, the same office that once attended his very funeral. What do his office colleagues think about working with a Deadman??

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