10 Biggest Cameos In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson is full of surprises. While the movie got a polarized reception from the fans, nonetheless, it is filled with a lot of easter eggs and really hard to find cameos. No matter how much invested you were in the movie, it must have been a Herculean task to keep tab of all the cameos which were present in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But thankfully, here at QuirkyByte, we have managed to salvage 10 biggest cameos from the movie, which might tempt you to go for a second watch. But before delving into it, we have to warn you that this post might contain some spoilers. So, proceed with caution.

 1. Mark Hamill

What? How is Luke Skywalker a cameo character in the movie? You might be starting to think that the ‘younger’ version of Luke was a cameo by Hamill, but, that’s not the case. Mark Hamill plays the mysterious Dobbu Scay character in the movie. Still thinking from where did this character come from? Probably, you didn’t wait for the post-credit scene.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Like Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson also tries hard to collaborate with actors with whom he has worked before. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the distinction of being cast in every movie of Rian Johnson in the past. Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirmed his cameo on social media and now it has been revealed that he voices the role of alien Slowen Lo in the movie. Slowen Lo is a nod to the Beastie Boys, who were teased in The Force Awakens.

3. Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux plays the master codebreaker in The Last Jedi. He is the guy with the read broach who was sought by both Finn and Rose before they were thrown in the jail for a parking violation. Theroux’s cameo is one of the easier ones to notice. Though he’s only on the screen for a few seconds, it can be noticed that he resembles a James Bond-esque casino player in the movie. He is in fact so notorious, that he is banned from using any form of electronic gadget in the building. Also, remember the guy Maz was talking about while explaining his dexterity in bed? Yeah, Theroux is that guy. Definitely a master ‘codebreaker’.

4. Lily Cole

British fashion model Lily Cole has a cameo in The Last Jedi, playing the Party Girl. Cole has previously acted in Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Cole can be found standing next to Theroux in the movie. Though her real name is a mystery, she goes by the name of Lovely.

5. Gareth Edwards

Following his cameo in Rogue One, Rian Johnson returned the favor by giving director Gareth Edwards a cameo scene at the end of the movie. Edwards can be seen as a Resistance fighter in the trenches of salt planet Crait in the ensuing battle with the First Order. Gareth Edwards stands next to the fighter who tastes the salt before the beginning of the battle. Unfortunately, Edwards’ character didn’t make it through the movie. May the force be with him.

6. Gary Fisher

Late Carrie Fisher’s dog was an important part of the actress’ personal life and now he is a vital part of keeping her memory alive. Though Gary is never truly present in the movie, the space dog in Canto Bight is based on his appearance. The alien space dog has bulging eyes, wrinkly features and the same color as that of Gary. Also, news came out that Gary’s ears perked up every time he saw Carrie on the screen while watching The Last Jedi.

7. Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis has always played a role in the Star Wars universe since 1983’s Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. In The Return of The Jedi, Davis plays the Ewok who finds Princess Leia. Warwick Davis can be seen in Canto Bight as Wodibin, a short, flat-nosed alien gambler. He’s one of a trio from an unusually lucky species who exploit their luck in the casinos.

8. Tom Hardy

Though it’s not confirmed, there were rumors that Tom Hardy was interested in doing a cameo for The Last Jedi. Reports have come out claiming that Hardy was found on the sets of The Last Jedi. It might be possible that he was there in the movie as Stormtrooper devoid of any dialogue.

9. Greg Grunberg

Star Wars

Grunberg has previously worked with J.J. Abrams on a variety of projects in the past. So it was quite obvious, that Abrams would cast him in The Force Awakens. Grunberg plays the role of Snap Wexley, a Resistance pilot who played a major part in destroying the Star Killer base in The Force Awakens. But in The Last Jedi, his role has been heavily shortened.

10. Edgar Wright

The Baby Driver director confirmed his cameo in The Last Jedi on social media. It was a blink-and-you-miss type of cameo. He appears as one of the members of the Rebel Alliance shown briefly on the Raddus. It seems Wright has a very amicable relationship with Rian Johnson.

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