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15 Mind-Blowing Things You Should Know About Deadpool’s Domino

In the world of mercenary killers, Deadpool had some hardcore associates and friends that defied the norm. Domino, one of Deadpool’s oldest friends has been in a lot of adventures with the hero and now she will be heading for the big screen too. Before that happens, here are some facts you may need to know about Deadpool’s X-Force teammate:

Perfect Weapon!

Only Test Subject To Survive!

Tough Past!

She has been Married!

Wild Pack!

New Task Force Against the Punisher!

Wolverine’s X-Force in Tokyo!

Red Hulk Transformation!

Mercs For Money!

Superhuman Levels!

Fear of Chickens!

Domino’s Real Name!

Age of Apocalypse!

First Appearance!


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