Justice League Is Now The Lowest Earning DCEU Movie

Justice League has now hit the theatres and the reaction from the fans are amazing. The movie is really great according to the fans and each and every moviegoer whether he/she is a comic book fan or not, is coming out having a good time watching the movie. The critics, on the other hand, are still following the same trend that they were with pre-Wonder Woman DC movies. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie currently stands at 40%.

DC has suffered a lot due to the harsh reviews of the critics which has led to a backlash from the fans as well. But this time around, it seems like Justice League will not suffer from that as the fans are totally loving the movie. But still, all this hatred prior to this movie has had a few setbacks on the movie and it has led to make Justice League the lowest earning DCEU entry as well.

Till now, Man of Steel managed to bring in $116 Million within the first weekend of its release, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice brought in a mighty $166 Million in the first weekend of its release, Suicide Squad earned $133 Million in the first 3 days and Wonder Woman, the best movie of the DCEU till now earned $103 Million through its first weekend.

Justice League, on the other hand has not even managed to hit the $100 Million mark even after being the most expensive movie in the DCEU. The production budget of the movie after the reshoots went on to be around $300 Million and it has only brought in an ok-ish $96 Million at the US Box Office through the first weekend of its release. It did earn a hefty $185 Million in the other countries in 3 days and has come to a total of $281 Million world-wide.

Now this may be a blowback onto the expectations of Warner Bros. as a lot was riding on this movie. The future movies like Flashpoint, Justice League 2 and many more were going to happen only if Justice League performed remarkably on at the Box Office. Wonder Woman turned out to be a massive success for the studios and Suicide Squad also turned out to be profitable. Batman V Superman even after the big drop in their box earnings after the first weekend still managed to be the highest earning DCEU movie.

Justice League was expected to surely beat Batman V Superman and the $1Billion mark as well, but things don’t look that good for the movie for now. It is too soon to say, but it didn’t even manage to beat its rival Thor: Ragnarok as well. Thor, an individual character single-handedly has beaten a massive DC ensemble.

Thor 3 earned $122 Million at the US box office during its opening weekend and has managed to earn $738 Million at the worldwide box office till now. So it is fair to say that it is already a big win for team Marvel.

Justice LeagueIf Justice League does not get a satisfactory earning after its theatrical run ends, WB might end up abandoning the DCEU and may even take a big step to start fresh. The other big thing that WB could do is change everything in the upcoming Flashpoint event and may even wipe a few of these movies out of existence. Even Batman actor, Ben Affleck might drop this role and may not even star in Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie, which would then bring in Jake Gyllenhaal as the new Batman for DC Films Universe.

Now that every upcoming problem has been listed, let’s be optimistic and wait for the theatrical run of the movie to end. Till then let’s enjoy the movie and maybe even go for it twice. CHEERS!!

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