7 Best On-Screen Duos in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved something which was far beyond imaginable, by creating and diversifying multiple timelines to unveil the action and story plots of how hero’s battle out with villains to achieve peace. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s creation of a whole new universe revolving around our real world has given hopes to many for a much-awaited climax and keep guessing what the future story might unfold. Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its heroes, but better than that fans love watching two extremely powerful heroes who work together and beat the living hell out of their opponents. And that is what we will be discussing today, the best on-screen duos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America & The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers also known as Captain America & Bucky Barnes also known as The Winter Soldier’s friendship transcends ages. With Captain America frozen in the ice for almost 70 years and The Winter Soldier being forced to Hydra’s dirty work, their meetup in the movie ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and then them working together in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. The storyline was out of the world and eventually what great friendship looks like.

Iron Man & Spider-Man

Tony Stark and Peter Parker were eventually a concoction waiting to happen. With Tony Stark and all his tech and Spiderman with his powers and his knowledge for Stark’s tech. They were pitted to each other to create a perfect symphony of awesomeness. Tony Stark kind of find his protégé in Peter Parker and him being a Spider-Man just added to the whole equation.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Falcon Captain America

Their team-up in Civil War, Spiderman: The Homecoming, Infinity war were so awesomely scripted and directed that fans of Marvel across the globe felt the father and son bond between them and somewhere started missing theirs’s with their dad’s which kind of helped them connect to the audience.

Black Widow & Hawkeye

Best on-screen duos
Best on-screen duos

Agent Romanov & Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton are somewhat one of the most badass duos without any superpowers. Their way of fighting works for them and somewhere down the line when Romanov found out about Barton’s family, she could not stop herself from being called their maternal aunt. Romanov and Barton have gone on multiple combat missions together in the past which makes their pair extremely efficient and one with a considerable amount of experience. They have grown a bond which makes them best friends.

Ant-Man & Wasp

Scott Lang & Dr. Pym’s daughter Hope Van Dyke work together in the sequel of Ant-Man, Wasp & The Ant-Man to recreate a bond slightly greater than the friendship and go on a mission to stop an arch-nemesis. This duo is a force to reckon with especially with the kind of technology where the particle can shorten the distance between the molecules of any object while maintaining the mass comes in extremely handy while battling enemies.

Rocket Racoon & Groot

Best on-screen duos
Best on-screen duos

Rocket is an extraterrestrial animal who has genetically reengineered with cybernetically enhanced sentient intelligence and a love for guns, whereas Groot is a sentient being of the species flora colossus and one of the most ancient characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Rocket & Groot is considered to be the greatest team-ups of all times, especially with Groot’s speech limited to ‘I AM GROOT’ and Rocket being able to understand almost everything that Groot has to say even with his limited vocabulary.

Star-Lord & Gamora

Their meet up is somewhat of a cliched meet up in a prison where Peter Jason Quill & Gamora daughter of mad titan Thanos are held captive for trying to steal the orb holding the power stone. Since then, both have them have found new versions of themselves, with Gamora trying to take it a little easy for once and Star-lord becoming the leader of the group that came to be known as ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’

Scarlet witch & Vision

Best on-screen duos

Wanda Maximoff & Vision were outsiders when they joined The Avengers, even though their backstory has not been revealed their likeness towards each other is somewhat linked to the power of the mind stone. Why you ask, well for the simple reason that it was the Power stone’s power that was imbued in Vision by Ultron and while Ultron was being formed Scarlet witch was able to look into his mind and his thoughts, eventually creating a link between them

So, which MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE duo do you wish to see an on-screen performance from in a movie completely dedicated to the awesomeness of their partnership, to tell us to leave us your observations in the below comment section.

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