10 Most Paused Superhero Moments That Actually Hide Astonishing Secrets

Superhero movies are known to put in a lot of easter eggs and references in the movies for the fans to pick up. Here is a list of the secrets you will only find out in the most paused moments of these movies.

Howard The Duck – Guardians of the Galaxy

Most fans might have missed Howard the Duck in the first Guardians of the Galaxy as he appeared in a funny post-credits scene and in Gotg Vol.2, he was there in a blink and you’ll miss the moment. He is a character who has had a substantial role in the comics and his own solo movie which did not work, but that did not stop him from appearing in the MCU.

The Riddler Exists – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

When we see Batman in his mech-suit just setting up everything he needs to invite Superman and kick his butt on an abandoned port, we see a lot of graffiti on a pillar. The graphite drawings actually give a nod to the presence of Batman’s Iconic villain – The Riddler. We see a question mark with a riddle which shows that the Riddler exists in the DCEU.

The 10 Rings – Ant-man

The 10 rings are the terrorist organization of The Mandarin that was responsible for kidnapping Tony in the first movie and even though Iron Man 3 showed an imposter of the Mandarin, he was revealed to be existing in the MCU in a one-shot movie. At the end of Ant-man when Darren Cross was selling his Yellowjacket suit to a few buyers, one of those buyers was an agent of the 10 rings as he had a tattoo of the organization on his neck.

Cap’s Shield – Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2, if you think about it, was actually a 2-hour long trailer for the Avengers as it heavily portrayed Nick Fury and Black Widow, showed Thor’s Hammer in the post-credits scene, but what you might have missed was actually the presence of a model of Captain America’s Shield. It was a fun Easter egg to mention as Cap’s first movie had not been announced till then.

The Injustice reference – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In Batman’s dream sequence we see an evil Superman coming down and killing a bunch of soldiers and then we see the Flash coming back in time to warn Bruce that Lois is the key to all. It was all a nod to the ‘Injustice Gods Among Us’ Storyline that will be followed in the future and according to what the Flash said, it is highly likely that Lois is going to die and Superman will indeed lose his mind. The Knightmare was actually a glimpse into the future.

Another Villain – The Amazing Spiderman 2

The Amazing Spiderman 2 already portrayed 3 villains in the movie but there was another side character in the movie that showed up only for a few minutes whose name was Alistair Smythe. He is actually a lesser known Spiderman villain who was responsible for making up the suits of the Sinister Six villains which was teased in the movie and was going to be a part of the next movie.

Raven – X-Men First Class

In X-men first class, we saw Raven in Magneto’s bed trying to seduce him for sleeping with her, while doing that, she changes multiple forms and one of the forms she takes was actually the actress who played Raven/Mystique in the previous X-Men movies, i.e. Rebecca Romaine.

Darkseid is coming – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


The whole movie was crammed with easter eggs and giant sub-plots. One of these was the giant Omega sign of Darkseid himself in the dream sequence of Bruce Wayne. As Bruce in his Knightmare Batman Costume comes out in a desert, we see a huge omega sign on the ground which portrays that Darkseid has already begun his reign in the future.

Harley Murdered Robin – Suicide Squad

We all saw in BvS that Robin was killed in the past, and we thought that it was the Joker who murdered him similar to the comics, but in Suicide Squad, during Harley Quinn’s intro, she was named as the murderer of Robin and not the Joker.

Joker’s Identity – The Dark Knight

We keep hearing about how the Joker got his scars when he tells you different stories of that. But all of them are so different that we are not able to make out which was real or were any of them the truth. Well, if we look and listen closely, we see that he was very familiar with high-tech military armory and he was able to make such complex plans that would take a lot of skills and brains for a regular criminal. Along with that, he said that “If a truck full of soldiers blows up, nobody panics”. This makes him sound very experienced and makes it very clear that he was a discredited former soldier.

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