15 Lesser Known Marvel Characters That Are More Powerful Than Thor

The comic-book fans have their own favorites they want to pit against other superheroes. In our limited knowledge, those who are not neck deep into Marvel comics think that Thor is the most powerful cosmic being in the entire realm. He is God of Thunder and the worthy successor to Odin, the ruler of Asgard.

He could lift sacred hammer Mjolnir which is one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel universe and is physically strong to withstand planet shattering attacks and celestial blasts. Who could possibly confront him and beat him? But there are many gods and other characters as well who haven’t got as much attention as the Asgardian God of Thunder got and are actually more powerful than him. Here’s a list of a few of them:


Hercules is one of the most powerful cosmic creatures in the entire comic-book universe. He is one of the six Olympian sons of Zeus. He is the God of Gods who has accumulated insane powers that Thor can only dream of. Well, to put things in perspective, he is more powerful than Odin or Zeus. He can fly, teleport, emit energy blasts with his bare hands or eyes. The guy can cause massive shockwaves just by walking. He can also beat Galactus who is sometimes known as “Devourer of Worlds”.

Although Thor is a highly skilled warrior, control weather and could even resurrect the dead, he can be vulnerable in the face of tough adversaries like Hercules who can predict Thor’s attacks and give him a befitting reply. Not even Odin can stop him in his prime. Thor has a long way to go before he enters Hercules league. In Thor: Blood Oath, Thor and Hercules had a face-off where Hercules got Thor in his grips which the God of Thunder couldn’t escape.



Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera and is worshipped as the God of War. As Ares is the God of War, you know he would have a few strategic plans up his sleeves that have worked for more millenniums even before Thor’s birth. He is unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat and can take down the Norse God of Thunder if they decide to take on each other in hand-to-hand combat.


Since his existence, Galactus has been known as the Devourer of Worlds. He first appeared in “Fantastic Four” #48 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he came to Earth in his perpetual quest to feed. The Fantastic Four along with Silver Surfer fought him and drove him off. Soon after the“Secret Wars,” the crossover that integrated various Marvel universes into one, the Ultimates completely changed the goal of Galactus in “Ultimates” #2. Galactus since then uses his reality-warping material Iso-8 to restore life to the dead planets, starting from the planets he destroyed first.


It is a powerful multi-dimensional creature that consumes entire realities, while Galactus consumes entire planets. The Hunger was able to enter Earth-616 dimension and consumed Galactus vessel, a feat nobody could ever replicate. Thor can only imagine reaching the power level of this big guy.


Yes, Marvel also has its own version of Zeus who is the father of Hercules and is an Olympian Deity. His power is considered equal to characters like Odin and Galactus. Zeus Panhellenios first made his appearance in Venus #5, 1945. He is the god of heavens, sky, thunder, and storm who can draw powers from the universe and can strip the powers of fellow Greek gods to power himself. The Asgardian God of Thunder doesn’t stand a chance if they ever decide to take on each other.

Phoenix force

Undoubtedly the most powerful member of the X-Men, Jean is great to have by your side, until she’s taken over by the Phoenix force. Once Jean Grey after saving her team and dying comes back as the Phoenix. From being the weakest member of the team she comes back as an entirely new and strong person; however, her powers are not in her control, even so, that the Hellfire club tried to manipulate her into becoming one with their team, but they failed and eventually, she became the Dark Phoenix.

She was so strong that she destroyed an entire solar system. After which she killed herself to save the worlds from further devastation. Still, she’s amazingly strong and has all sorts of telepathic and telekinetic powers.


Mephisto is the Devil of the Marvel Universe, someone who even warped the reality a number of times. Remember him killing off Peter and MJ’s marriage? Yeah, he is that strong. Apart from that too, he has created a lot of problems for the Avengers alone.



Hyperion is Marvel’s version of Superman. So you know he is in possession of immense physical strength that makes him stand shoulder to shoulder with a god like Thor. The only weakness Hyperion has is that he weakens when he is unable to absorb light. So if the Norse God was to beat Hyperion, he would have to fight him in a darkened room, if not Hyperion might end up killing him.


This is not even a fair fight. Dormammu is a fucking God. He is the Lord of the Dark Dimension, who whenever comes into the real world, he reeks havoc, the League, and the Avengers would all be dead, easily. Remember the time when he made someone as powerful as Doctor Strange to actually explode from the inside?

The Beyonder

The Beyonder is someone who actually pulls the strings. He will be someone who doesn’t just defeat the person but will not do much by himself as he’d make him fight his friend or anyone, or use other super-villains to do this. While breaking no sweat, whatsoever, this guy can even take on the Avengers and Justice League together.

Molecule Man:

Molecule Man is literally a living bomb that would destroy the entire universe, as he has the powers to manipulate all matter engineered by the Beyonders. This guy can mentally control, transform and manipulate all the molecules of any matter or energy. He is extremely powerful in all his versions and the original Molecule Man was even described as the most powerful being in the multiverse.

Franklin Richards:

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed (Mister Fantastic) and Susan Richards (Invisible Woman). He can warp reality at his will. He could repair dying stars. This guy killed a celestial with a punch and restored Galactus. He made him his herald to do his bidding. He is powerful enough to defeat the Celestials and Thor seems no match for his brute strength.


Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1965, Eternity is the immortal embodiment of the universe. He is an omnipotent being who can manipulate time, space, matter, energy, magic and reality and can appear anywhere and can physically manifest as any force living within the Earth dimension. Now you can imagine how powerful he really is.

The Living Tribunal:

The Living Tribunal is the safe-keeper of the multi-verse. He told Adam Warlock that one hero cannot possess Infinity gems and forced him to split it among members of Infinity Watch. He is a giant humanoid with three faces acting as a Supreme court of the multi-verse.

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The One Above All

The One Above All is undoubtedly the most powerful character in the Marvel Multiverse. Be it him being omnipresent or omnipotent, he can take on anyone in the multiverse. This character is somewhere where space and time mean nothing to him. With having the immeasurable strength and unlimited energy, he is that power of the Marvel universe who controls all the forces of nature in the entire Marvel Multiverse. There is not a single way in which he can be harmed and is more powerful than Odin or Zeus or any other religion’s god. He is the greatest there is and is literally above all.

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