Characters Who Could Beat Superman Without Kryptonite

In the world of superheroes, Superman leads the way in terms of the strength, speed, the laser fire beams he unleashes from his eyes. He is practically, almost unbeatable when it comes to going head to head with the villains. Even the most brutal villains, regardless of their superpowers, do not stand a chance when it comes to Superman. However, just like any other superhero out there, Superman has a weakness, kryptonite. It is a media rock which when exposed to Superman, he becomes easily beatable. In short, Superman and kryptonite do not mix. Below are some of the characters match up to his powers:

Dark Phoenix

She is the real power-house when it comes to superheroes. At her best, the man of steel is nothing but a tiny creature on earth. As Miss Grey, he may stand a chance of beating her. However, when she has her full-powers as the Dark Phoenix, it is game over. It is battle that he would not want to do as losing will be inevitable on his part. The best defense that he can apply is to run for his life as she would tear him apart.

The Spectre

He is like the Punisher who has immense powers that he uses to punish the wicked. His powers are drawn from the dead and he can draw unlimited power which would make it very difficult if not impossible for Superman to defeat him. It is a battle which has taken place before and the Spectre came out on top.

Martian Manhunter

Even Superman thinks of Manhunter as the most powerful in the whole world. With that said, it is no doubt that Superman has felt the power of the Manhunter in a fight. He has all the superpowers you could think of that relate to the mental power. From shape-shifting to psychic and telepathic capabilities as one may think to acquire when playing in casino online. This places him in a better position of winning any fight. However, his main fear is fire. This is where Superman may have an advantage over him as he can emanate beams of fire from his eyes.


He is a God of the Norse and thus all-powerful as he has fought many battles to cement his position as a superpower. Having defeated huge names like Thanos, and Galactus while he has destroyed and built galaxies, Odin can take Superman apart in a heartbeat. However, Superman can use tricks to defeat his enemies.


He is strong, powerful and has great speed. It is argued that he may even be stronger and faster than Supes. This puts him at a better edge in terms of winning a fight if they were to go head to head in a battle. Also, Shazam possesses magical powers which put Superman at a disadvantage if they were to fight. In a previous instance, Shazam knocked him out with just one jab which is a rare scene.

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