5 Contact Lens Problems


[tps_header]I started wearing contact lenses about a year back. I’ve noticed that though there are a lot of pros, it comes with many cons too. If you are a recent lens wearer or even a seasoned one, I’m sure you’ll agree to some of the struggles listed out that we face on a regular basis.[/tps_header]

  1. [tps_title]Dropping your lens on the floor[/tps_title]


For non lens wearers this may seem like a pretty silly thing to worry about, but let me tell you the truth. Wearing lenses can take from 2 to 15 minutes with the usual being the former. The extra 13 minutes are required when a lens falls down.

You see, a lens is a tiny, transparent and soft object. As luck would have it, a lens will often fall down AFTER you’ve worn one. When it falls down, you’re literally semi blind and trailing your hands across the floor trying to find it.

After bringing flashlights, and trying to squint through one eye of clear vision, you finally find it hiding in the corner, covered in dust. The next step is to wash it thoroughly with lens solution, stick it back in your eye and rush as you’re conveniently late for work.

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