Who Is The Most Terrifying Spiderman Villain of All Times?  

Spiderman is one of the most beloved Marvel superheroes and enjoys a massive fan following. He can fire webs at will at an enormous speed which can even snatch bullets out of the air, he can target them at anything he wants with the greatest precision at the blink of an eye. He has spider-sense which allows him to track his enemies and draw them out. He can lift 15 tonnes on his own, one punch from him will explode anyone’s face instantly.

Despite all his powers, he is surrounded by enemies who are extremely powerful and dangerous. Here’s is a list of them:

Green Goblin is the classic Spiderman comic-book villain who has featured multiple times in movies as well. He is pretty strong in comics but on the big screen, he has been portrayed in a very cartoonish way.

Vulture/Tinkerer is one of the most dangerous adversaries in comics. Michael Keaton played Vulture in Homecoming. He had a suit which gave him the ability to fly at increased strength, built from the remains of Chitauri (a race of extraterrestrial shape-shifters) technology from the battle of New York. He employed the help of a villain called “The Tinkerer” to make the suit, in comics he is known to be a man with a penchant to make spectacular mechanical devices.

The shocker is a formidable spiderman villain. In the movie, there were two characters who played the Shocker. Jackson Brice was the first Shocker and was killed off by the Vulture himself before making any sort of impact. Then Herman Schultz takes up his rightful mantle from the comics and gives a Spiderman a run for his money.

Venom has featured in the Spiderman trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, but it seemed rushed and shoddy. He has the power to evolve and adapt itself to different environments, has the unique ability to embody all the abilities of his opponent which makes him an unstoppable monster. He can never run out of webs as his suit can generate endless webbing. Venom is set to feature again for the sole reason that he was one bad ass guy who acquired Spiderman’s darker side and was a deadly match to Spiderman with similar powers. The movie did not explore the role in the right manner. What we would like to see is a solo Venom movie which is a go.

Electro is a dangerous Spiderman villain who knows how to make deadly use of electric current. People were really excited when they got to know that Jamie Fox of going to play Electro in the Amazing Spiderman sequel. He had a good arc but still, due to less screen time, his character went underexplored.

Lizard is very powerful in the comics. Dr. Connors was a great villain as the Lizard in the Spiderman reboot. Even though he was not the best, but he was explored quite well in the movie and gave a great match-up to Spiderman.

Sandman has tricked Spiderman quite a few times in comics. Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3 was not short of villains at all. The best villain of the movie was undoubtedly Sandman. He was not explored up to his potential because of the number of villains in the movie, but still, he outshined other villains of the movie.

Doc Ock is the best Spiderman villain ever to be on the big screen and would always be. He was portrayed brilliantly by Alfred Molina, who showcases a distinct vulnerability that many superhero villains lack. This was by far one of the best villains considering all the Spiderman movies.

Mysterio is one good guy that turned to be a bad guy only for the reason of fame. He has a background in hypnotism and chemistry that allow him to create a variety of mind-blowing but convincing illusions and various gadgets that give Spiderman a run for his money. His true mystic look comes from the fish bowl headgear, this in itself shows how crazy he can get.

Who is Scorpion? Does the name Mac Gargan ring a bell? Well if you remember he was distinctly hired as a private investigator to follow Peter Parker and find out how he could get close up shots of Spiderman? In failing to do so Gargan was given an armored suit which enabled him with Scorpion like powers with a gigantic tail at the end. It would be great to see a solo Scorpion movie fight against Spiderman.

Kraven The Hunter is one bad ass villain who in actuality has killed, shot and buried Spiderman in the famous story Kraven’s Last Hunt, though it was discovered later that he had instead used a tranquilizer dart to bring down Spiderman, at least he did go that far. A very traditional Hunter, he prefers using his bare hands to kill instead of depending on weapons. He is a Russian hunter with one never-ending goal: to hunt and kill Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. Bringing him in would set up a great story and a unique villain for our friendly neighborhood guy. We are all in for a solo movie where we get to see face off with Kraven the Hunter against Spiderman.


So who is the most terrifying of them all?

Verdict: It’s a tie between Doc Ock and Kraven The Hunter. It will be Doc Ock if he decides to fully unleash his powers without compassion. But yes Lizard could be a choice too.

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