10 Ways In Which CW Ruined Our Favorite DC Characters

The Arrowverse on The CW has become one of the biggest things on TV and we just love the way it has established itself in our hearts. But, every now and then, it does something with our favorite characters that either isn’t true to the comics or is not liked by anyone, which ruins the feel of the show and those characters. Here is a list of ways in which the CW has ruined these DC characters.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl never felt Justified

The CW has established a lot of character from all corners of the DC Universe that most people are unaware of. Almost all of them have been portrayed very well. But Hawkman and Hawkgirl are the ones which almost felt like an after-thought. Vandal Savage was brought on as a villain who was hunting the two due to their ancient origins. But, the dialogue and the chemistry between the two lovers felt very uncanny and forced and their story-arc was never justified properly.

Ray Palmer never goes sub-atomic

The CW has pretty much-done justice to Ray Palmer. His suit looks great, his chemistry with his teammates is handled well and all in all he is total fun. But still, he is not being used up to his full potential. Every time he shrinks down, it is only to a size of a small insect. We have never seen him shrink into the molecular structures that he crosses in the comics. it would be great to see him interact with the molecular structure of different things and it will also help build the character and his powers.

No Classic Outfit for Green Arrow

6 seasons into the story of Green Arrow and we have still not seen the classic outfit for the Emerald Archer, and neither did we get a trade-mark beard for him. There was an episode in the Legends of Tomorrow where we see an older version of Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow, but it still would not count as a Classic Green Arrow. Now, we have seen enough to accept the classic comic-book outfit. CW should make it happen.

Savitar’s Identity

Ever since the 3rd season began and we came to know that Savitar is going to be the big bad for the season, everyone wondered who is the man behind the mask? Later we found out that it was none other than Barry himself from the future. Well, the first two big bads were pretty effective even though they were similar to each other, but this was far from being a little compelling.

Lena Luthor’s role

When Lena Luthor was introduced on Supergirl, we all thought that she is going to be as evil and cynical as her brother. But, so far we haven’t seen her making it big at all. Her only purpose on the show feels as if she is only there to remind us that Lex Luthor exists in this Universe.

Barry Allen’s Job

Barry’s job at the CCPD as a forensic scientist has now almost faded into nothingness. Getting into the 4th season, we are getting less and less of that and Barry spends a lot more time at S.T.A.R labs and not at his job even after being away for 6 months as he was stuck in the Speed Force. One would imagine that how does he pay for the food he needs to keep his body healthy as he needs to eat a lot. Barry’s job is a big part of his character in the comics and we hate the fact that this is not the case on the show anymore.

Scrapping Laurel and Ollie’s Romance

One of the biggest factors that got Arrow’s first season going really well was the relationship between Oliver and Laurel. But soon after that, it was taken off in the second season and Ollie kept moving one from one lover to another. Laurel’s chemistry with Oliver was the one that was truly loved by the fans and not Olicity, but unfortunately, there is no chance of that happening at all now.

Killing and Resurrecting Black Canary

What is up with Black Canary!! Sarah Lance was presumed dead in the first season. She came back in the second season as Black Canary. Then was killed again, and then resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. The Laurel took up the role of Black Canary and was killed off, and brought back as Black Siren from Earth 2, and now finally getting Dinah Drake into the mix. What the hell are they up to!!

Barry is not awkward anymore

The biggest reason for a really awesome reaction towards Barry’s character was the sort of sudden kid-dish awkwardness that he had when he first showed up on Arrow in season 2.  That’s why he and Felicity we sort of perfect for each other at first. But that sort of just faded away as they tried to make Barry more and more mature. Earlier he stumbled on his words, he said the wrong things and fans loved him for it. Now him becoming a little mature, the show keeps focussing on developing his storyline with Iris which turns out to be pretty annoying for the majority lot of fans.

Oliver’s Personality


Green Arrow in the comics is a pretty funny guy, keeps cracking jokes once in a while, and all in all, he has a jolly and kick-ass personality. But the show has him more similar to Bruce Wayne from the comics, who is a Charming while money-man on the outside and very dark on the inside. This is how the show got him totally wrong.

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