Barry Allen’s Mumbo Jumbo Hinted At Massive Comic-Book Theory!   

The premiere of Flash season 4 attracted good viewership but it was not record-breaking. This season was definitely much anticipated as fans are expecting a major comeback after a slightly disappointing season 3 finale which ended along expected lines without any huge WTF moment. At the end of last season, the speed-force became extremely volatile and unstable, led to massive earthquakes that wreaked havoc upon the common folk. It required a powerful speedster to stabilize the effects and Flash volunteered as he held himself guilty of creating Flashpoint timeline.

Although, the destabilization of speed-force and Barry’s surrender to prevent a major catastrophe on the Central city was a cliff-hanger of sorts but he came back in the very first episode of the new season without adequate build-up. We all agree that it was too quick to bring Flash back into the current timeline without consequences.

We saw how Team Flash grappled with Barry’s disappearance and new threats that threatened the Central city. When a samurai ninja showed up with his mystical sword, Team Kid Flash ran out of ideas to stop him. He demanded the real Flash to fight him or else he will destroy the Central city. As a result, Cisco had to try out speedforce bazooka on which he has been working for months to get Barry out of speedforce. He failed initially but later CCPD found the body of Flash who has totally lost his mind after spending six months inside the speed-force. Iris decided to give herself up to protect the Central city from total destruction as she believed Flash would come for her and he did.

In Barry’s absence, Iris did what he asked her to do i.e to keep running. She buried herself into work and is now an important member of Star Labs to fight crime and meta-humans. When Iris gave herself up, Barry’s memories returned and he again became the fastest man alive. He told Iris that all his mistakes, sins were washed off inside Speedforce. When Barry came back, she couldn’t stop her tears rolling down as he kissed her. 

When Barry Allen first returned to the Central city after spending six months inside the Speed-force, he was either drawing alien symbols or babbling riddles which did not make any sense. He was mumbling about Oliver Queen, stars being loud etc. which led Caitlin to conclude that he is suffering from some kind of Dementia as he spent 10,000 years not just 6 months into the speed force.


As the Speed-force transcends time, it is quite possible that he saw glimpses of both past and future. He recalled the death of his mother which confirmed he saw the past. Guess how he saw the future…think….alright let me tell you. There was a particular line that stood out the most where he said: “We are going to need more diapers”. We know that Barry and Iris will get married and they may have children who would need diapers. Fans are suggesting that Iris may have twins which is a twist that is taken straight from the comics. The twins are known as Tornado twins namely Don and Dawn Allen. Whatever happens but one thing is sure – This house is Bitchin!

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