10 Things You Must Know About The White Walkers

White walkers are easily the most interesting part of Game of Thrones. These creatures are the biggest threat to Westeros and still, some people don’t acknowledge their existence. The very first episode started out with a ranging party from The Wall encountering these creatures, and it became a huge draw for new fans of the series. Now that people of Westeros actually understand the threat let us try to understand these creatures:

White Walkers bring the cold:

The words of House Stark are “winter is coming” and it is not just about the season change but the threat of the prolonged winter that the dead can bring. Walkers decrease the temperature and bring the cold. They have been beyond the wall by now where it is already cold so it would be interesting to see them enter king’s landing and other places.

White Walkers can freeze things:

Walkers have many supernatural abilities and one of them is that they can freeze things. They can freeze normal weapons by touching them and make them completely useless. This is useful in battle as they can simply freeze the weapons of their enemies.

Wights are not always human:

We saw in the episode ‘beyond the wall’ that animals can be made wights too. This is extremely dangerous as animals often have more strength than humans and can be deadly in battle. Viserion is deadly now and even that bear was difficult to kill.

They are susceptible to Dragon glass:

We know now that White walkers are susceptible to dragon glass and can be killed by it. Dragon glass is probably the material that was used to create them and it is a weapon against them as it can kill them. Dragon stone stands on a mountain of dragon glass and it will definitely come in handy while fighting them.

Wights are just the puppets:

What many people don’t know is that wights and white walkers are different. Walkers can turn corpses into wights that is they can reanimate corpses to fight for them. Wights are just the puppets of the white walkers. If the walkers are killed then the wights will be destroyed on their own.

Wights cannot turn people:

Wights don’t have the ability to change people like the walkers do. Wights just fight for their walkers and are can be killed by fire, Valyrian steel, dragon glass. They are just the foot soldiers of the walkers and are not the real threat.

White Walkers can’t be killed by fire:

Walkers can only be killed by Valyrian steel or dragon glass. Only a few Valyrian steel swords are left in the world so dragon glass is the best chance. Fire cannot kill the walkers but it can kill the wights. So the dragons won’t be able to kill the white walkers.

Night king was the first White Walker:

Night King is the leader of the white walkers because he was the first walker that was created. Since then he has managed to create a huge army for himself and continues to recruit new members. His identity before he became a white walker is unknown.

They speak a language called ‘skroth’:

Even though you can’t have a conversation with a white walker it doesn’t mean that they don’t speak a language. They speak a language called ‘skroth’ which sounds like ice splintering and cracking. We will never hear them speak human tongue on the show.

They were created by children of the forest for protection:

White walkers

So the white walkers were created 8000 years ago by the children of the forest. The children of the forest created the night king in the hope of having a force that could protect them from humans. However, the experiment went wrong as they started killing the children of the forest and became a threat to the whole world.

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