7 Most Brutal Civilian Deaths In DC Universe

When DC villains of the size of Darkseid and the psychotic nature of the Joker are around you know you’re not gonna have it easy. There are always many lives at stake, serving as motivation for our heroes. Here is a list showing the times when civilians lost their lives in DC Universe:

Nora Allen

Okay, this is the fucking reason why the whole Flashpoint was created. Nora Allen is killed by the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, the eternal enemy of the Flash. It is to prevent this death that Barry goes into the timeline and turns the world into shit, with a lot many changes such as Superman being skinny, Batman- a killer, Wonder Woman and Aquaman well screwing and killing each other etc.


Whenever two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. This statement was held true when in Man of Steel, Superman and General Zod go at it, the two fight it out until Supes has to kill Zod, before which what went down was a lot of buildings and hundreds of lives.

Thomas and Martha Wayne

Obviously, he had to make it to the number 1 spot. As it was he, who became the trendsetter for the whole orphan turns into a superhero story. Not that this story needs to be told, but still… After his parents are killed in an alley by a gunman, Bruce gets completely into the whole ‘why do criminals exist’ ‘what is their driving force’ thing and soon takes on the mantle of Batman.


The bottled city of Kandor was Superman’s home that survived the destruction. When Supes took that back from Brainiac and let it be a planet again, Zod sitting there wanted more and clashed with the Earthlings. A clone of Luthor, along with Metallo and Reactron was sent to Kandor, where Luthor caused Reactron, a kryptonite-powered villain to explore and hence destroy the whole planet, killing thousands and thousands of civilians.


What about it? This here, we are talking about the genocide that took place on Mars. When all the White Martians killed the Green Martians, the very reason why J’onn Jones who survived and ran is known as the ‘Last Martian’.

Sarah Essen

Essen was James Gordon’s second wife, who was also a cop. Once, she manages to catch Joker on gunpoint, but there is an issue, that the clown prince of mayhem has dozens of infants as hostages. He then tosses an infant towards Sarah, who out of the reflex of her nature drops her gun to catch the baby. Joker then picks up the gun and shoots her in the head.

Pregnant Lois and Metropolis


In the Injustice series of DC comics, the Joker drugs Superman and makes her kill Lois Lane and their unborn child. Not only that he also makes him kill 5 million people in Metropolis too. When Superman regains consciousness, he is mad with rage and guilt, he then kills Joker, which leads to his fall. Post that he becomes a dictator and Batman has to bring in people from other Earths to stop Superman.

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