7 People Who Have The Strangest Eating Habits

Addiction to anything is lethal for our body, whether it is about drinking alcohol and smoking. Most of us are addicted to eating our favorite dishes that we just can’t get tired of, but the rest of the world is weird and you probably had no idea about strangest eating habits people have. Today, in this special compilation of weird world facts, we bring you seven people who have the most strangest eating habits in the world.

1. Deodorant

Generally, when we have a bad smell we often pick our toothbrush or mouth freshener to kill the bad smell, but this girl from New York is obsessed with eating deodorant sticks from her childhood. The 19-year old Nicole consumes 15 stick of deodorants in a month. She tried to stop her habit but she always got sick.

“When I realize I’m out of deodorant I panic. My anxiety goes crazy and I get really aggravated. ‘Without it, I’d be a totally different person,” she said in a report.

2. Sellotape

We use sellotape to fix our notebook and some other lighter things, but Andrea from Marietta in Georgia, America, crave for sellotape. She loves eating sellotape and always carries a roll of sellotape.

“I usually chew it for about 30 seconds. That piece will eventually dissolve, break-up. I swallow pieces of it, and I just put in another piece of tape,” she said in a report filed by Daily Mail.

3. Glass

Josh is a stand-up comedian. He is not only weird with his jokes, he also loves eating glass. He has consumed more than 250 bulbs and glasses and still continues to do that.

4. Plastic

Strangest Eating Habits

Why do we go to a supermarket? To buy stuff for our living. Right? But Robert steals plastic bags to feed himself. Yes, he loves eating plastic bags. Though he suffered from intestinal blockages and stomach ache, he just can’t leave it.

5. Toilet-Paper 

You know what it is used for. Kesha, 34, from Chicago, carries rolls of toilet papers. It seems like maybe she has a lot of junk to clean. Paper poop! 

6. Clay

So this girl from California has the most strangest eating habits  amongsts all.She consumed half-a-ton of the clay powder, just to satisfy her hunger for the taste of rock and mud. Meet Natasha(40).

“It tastes wonderful, like wet rocks and it always comforts me… I kind of go into a zone and savor that flavor of earthiness.’ ‘It’s the smell that I get; it’s the texture of it in my mouth. It’s the grittiness that turns into the smoothness,” she said.

7.  Rocks and mud

Pakkirappa Hunagundi, from India, has one of the strange habits of eating rock and mud.

“I have been eating bricks and rocks for around 20 years now. I love eating them. It has become a part of my life. I started at the age of 10,” he said in an interview.

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