Premiere Dates for Every CW DC TV Show Announced

Get ready fans, October is coming with a bang! Stephen Amell announces when the first episode of season 6 would premiere through his twitter handle. Arrow will return on 12th October at 9 p.m. and this will be the first time for the show that the episode will air on a Thursday night.


Team Arrow is not the only one who has announced their premiere date, following Amell, the channel released information about all the CW DC tv shows that would air this year. Now fans know exactly how much they have to wait for their favorite TV show!

Here are the premiere dates for every CW DC TV Show:

The second week of October will be full of jam packed surprises as it is going to end all the suspense you have to bear just till then. According to the plans of CW:

Supergirl will be the first TV show that would air on TV, as it will premiere on Monday, i.e. October 9, and the timings will be from 8-9 p.m.

After that, the next day will be Flash Day! The Scarlet Speedster would make his return to TV on Tuesday night, i.e. October 10. The air time will be similar to that of the Girl of Steel.


You will not have to wait one more day for DC’s Legends of tomorrow, as it is going to be back on the same day as The Flash. It will air just as The Flash ends. The following night, i.e. Oct 11 will premiere the Archie comics inspired Riverdale and it will air at 8 p.m.

And after that, as everyone knows now, Thursday will be the day that we all get to know about the fate of team Arrow. It will be really interesting to see what exactly happened on Lian YU. If you see from the positive side, October is not really that far. Fans only have to wait 4 months to watch their favorite CW DC TV show.

When all the shows of Arrowverse go on a mid-season break, Black Lightning will make its way on the CW network!

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