5 Crazy Weaknesses of Spider-Man You Don’t Know About

Like other superheroes, one of the strongest cards of Marvel Universe Spider-Man is no new to have weaknesses. He is also vulnerable to certain things which make him weak from one point to another. And that’s how the defeat roots out into different timelines giving more storylines about the character. Spider-Man without any further ado, we bring you Spider-Man’s five former and present weaknesses that you don’t know about.

1. Ineffective Spider-Sense

Spider-Man’s spider sense can be ineffective if he is temporarily gunned up by some lethal drug and tools. It also does not work when it identifies something that is not registered as Spider-Man threat like Venom Symbiote and other Spider-Man clones. Moreover, without spider-sense, Spider-Man loses his power of surveillance and attack. And it is hard for him to concentrate on web-slinging technique.

2. Ethyl Chloride

Spider-Man is highly vulnerable to pesticide Ethyl Chloride due to which he avoid confronting the Spider Slayers who regularly uses this solution as an active weapon. Marvel should ban Ethyl Chloride from its comic books, especially for Spidey.

3. Closeness to Anti-Venom

Anti-Venom was thought to be a strong cure of the radioactive blood of Spider-Man. But its proximity with him diminished his super powers. Moreover, he can’t even attack Anti-Venom with his webbing technique.

4. No Driving

spider-man Weaknesses

We can count on him for a strong web-slinging skill, but he just can’t drive. Since he is so busy fighting the crime in the New York city he finds his way through alleys and always travel above the ground. That’s why Spider-Mobile was the worst idea for him. By the way, why does he need a ride when he can swing all the way to anywhere?

5. Memory Loss

It is totally unbelievable that Spider-Man had a memory loss problem. Well, we can’t blame him because Doctor Octopus’s mind-wipe procedure disturbed his personality when Octopus swapped minds with him.

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