The Flash TV Show Will Soon Have Its Very Own “Felicity”

The Flash season 3 is entering into the final lap where the Scarlett speedster will be up against yet another supervillain evil speedster Savitar whose identity is still a mystery. We saw how he escaped from the endless void of the speed force and Wally West took his place. But then Flash and Jay Garrick joined forces and rescued Wally from the speed force. The next episode is the most awaited one as it will feature a musical crossover between Supergirl and Flash. Afterward, things will really pick up and move in top gear.


The show makers have promised Flash fans that in the next season there will not be a speedster villain for the first time. In season 1 there was Reverse Flash; season 2 (Zoom); season 3 (Savitar). There is also another new character known as Tracey Brand created for the next season, and Mad Men star Anne Dudek will join the cast and play the character. She is well-known for her role in House (Dr. Amber Volakis); Mad Men (Francine Hansen) and The Magicians (Prof. Pearl Sunderland).

According to TVLine, the character named Tracey Brand is described as “a smorgasbord of quirky idiosyncrasies” who will be celebrated in the future for her genius. It is possible that the character is inspired by an established comic-book character or a combination of different characters. It is also possible that the Flash TV show wants to throw a totally new person into the mix.


The character description is making fans believe that she would be Flash’s version of Felicity from Arrowverse – a blonde genius. Earlier, the show introduced Patty Spivot as the girlfriend of Barry Allen who broke up with him later. She was a blonde without a genius. It will be amazing to see how Tracy Brand break the Felicity mold and carve its own niche. CHEERS!

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