5 Awesome Skills That Harry Potter Has Mastered

A Skilled Duellist

He was a skilled duellist, he fought very well in Harry Potter and The Order Of Phoenix when the Dumbledore army went to the ministry. He made sure that no one was harmed and rescued everyone safely. At the end, he had a tough duel with Lord Voldemort itself. He gave an equivalent tough fight to the master of dark arts and subsequently managed to win.

Knows Occlumency And Legilimency

He knew the skills of extracting feelings and emotions from another person and he could convey visions or imaginary things to other persons. These skills are like magical telepathy. Occlumency means to implant false memories in one’s mind. In Harry Potter And Order Of The Phoenix when Severus Snape was teaching him to control his mind, he started reading the childhood memories of the professor.

He Was Parsel-Mouth Until defeat of Voldemort

The night when Harry’s parents died, James Potter cast a spell due to which pieces of Voldemort’s soul got harbored into Harry’s soul. This gave him the ability to speak the language of languages. In Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, when Harry went to Zoo he conversed with the snake kept in a cage for display. In Harry Potter And Chamber Of secrets too he conversed with a snake during the training. Later on the death of Voldemort, his ability extinguished.

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