5 Things That We Always Get Wrong About Joker

Every comic that spawned the Clown of Prince in the comic book work fostered Joker as one of the iconic villains. We love his wickedness. Don’t we? First appearing in Batman #1 in 1940, the character has managed to dip his toes in movies, cartoon series and whatever medium you can count. His insanity, wicked grin, and green hair are not the only facts we believe in and that’s not all. There are several facts and truths about him that we, in all likelihood, get wrong about him. So let us take you to five facts that we get wrong about Joker.

 Joker has always been facially scarred since the beginning

Joker’s face scars, permanent smile coupled with make-up hacks, are not an integral part of his personality. How ? Let’s break the ice. In the comic books, he was painted face white with hair dyed in green color and red lips. The scars personality was incorporated in Batman Confidential series.

 He is the mainstay character of DC Comics

Well, it’s been 75 years since Joker first appeared in the comic book world, but the belief that he is a mainstay character from the beginning in DC comics is not true. From 1964 to 1973, he was not featured in any comics. And then another story The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge hit the stores bringing him back onboard.

Joker was always seen as the most important character

Since from the day one, Joker has always been considered as the most prominent member of DC comic book world. However, he was not. In Batman #1, he was supposed to die, but the editor thought he was too good to be a villain, so they had to keep him alive. And we know the rest of his history.

 Joker always hates Batman

The psychotic and murderous wicked creature, Joker hates Batman; that’s what we believe. Right ?  We generally assume that he always hates batman, but that’s not alway the case. Their relationship is not always about hating and trying to kill each other. There have been times when he and Batman teamed for a single mission.

 He has always been a screwball


We are familiar with the fact that he appears totally psychotic, who is running around the city and killing his enemies. Well, he is not always like this. Joker is an intelligent character, who is expertise in Chemistry, science and fascinated to artwork, until the 1970s. Thereafter, he was given a more homicidal and psychotic appearance which marked his personality like this until now. 

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