5 Awesome Skills That Harry Potter Has Mastered

Harry Potter the main character of the story around whom the entire story revolves masters various arts and skills. Harry was described as extremely talented, courageous, brave, smart and bold individual. He was the chosen one to end the cruel, heartless murder Lord Voldemort. He had enormous abilities and skills which helped him to defeat the ultimate master of Dark Arts.

Talented Flyer

5 Awesome Skills That Harry Potter Has Mastered

He was very good in flying and became the captain in his sixth year. In Harry Potter And Philosophiser’s Stone, he became the youngest detector. He has won one many Quidditch matches in Harry Potter Series. His excellent flying abilities helped him crossing the first challenge in tri-wizard tournament in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire.

Defense against Dark Arts

He was continuously attacked by death eaters in Harry Potter And Prisoners of Azkaban. He developed a curious interest in defense against dark arts after then. Several attacks of death eaters including Voldemort made him more skilled in this art. In Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix, he became the teacher of Dumbledore’s and even taught his seniors.

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