4 Ways Terminator 6 Could Change The Franchise’s Future

3. The Story Has To Be Simple:

The problems that all the movies faced post-Cameron was that they focused on too many plotlines at the same time. This is a problem that many big budget films face, as they tend to be focused more on the special effects or the robots and less of the character development. Tim miller’s first feature Deadpool was a superhero movie with less than a fraction of the special effects and more on character, the same could be said for characters, Linda and John Conner. That was what made their journeys more interesting.

4. No Sequel Talks:

The problem with all big budget movies today is that they leave movies with open endings, or leave them unfinished-introducing mysterious new characters or plot holes that will only be filled in the next film. Terminator 6 will only be a solid film it concentrates on the present material without focusing on what will come next. A failed attempt that  Rise of the Machines, Salvation, and Genisys all attempted and failed at.

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