4 Ways Terminator 6 Could Change The Franchise’s Future

With reports of James Cameron taking on the Terminator franchise, many fans have already become excited to see the original creator taking back his ground-breaking franchise and rolling out new, fresh material. Here are four ways Terminator 6 could change:

1. Move Away From Time Travel:

4 Ways Terminator 6 Could Change The Franchise's Future

James Cameron laid down the basis of the Terminator franchise in the first two movies.Time travel was a pivotal element of both movies, an arc that moved the storytelling forward. After Cameron left, the franchise was taken over by other creative heads, and they seemed to hark on the blueprints of the first two movies. Whether it was Rise of the Machines, Salvation or Genisys, the story arcs seemed to string on the element of time travel, even when it was not needed. Cameron’s new Terminator is reported to be a “reboot,” which could take on the past idea, and since it was Cameron’s creation in the first place, something new can definitely be developed further.

2. Make Terminator An R-Rated Feature:

The first two Terminator movies were graphic and violent, to say the least. Whether it was the brutal killings or the foul language, the Cameron films did not lack in portraying science fiction like we had never seen before. The next three features seemed to become more neutered as every movie was made. Although many would argue about this, the violence of the film, the gritty killings and slashing of Arnold’s arms, they all served a purpose to the dystopian tale.

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