Black Adam: 5 Most VICIOUS Kills Of All Time

A Yeti

After the killing of his wife for the second time, Teth Adam leaves the cave where the Lazarus cave resides only to be confronted by a Yeti. Zatanna and Captain Marvel had more or less rendered Adam of his powers but the character proved he was still a strong one even without the powers of Shazam. Adam slashed the Yeti’s gut and used the Yeti’s intestines to rappel down the mountain.

Sivana’s Assistant

Doctor Sivana became obsessed with finding Teth Adam in Dc’s New 52. He and his excavation team discover his tomb in Justice League #11.Immediately they find themselves in the presence of Black Adam who electrocutes Sivana’s assistant with lightning upon the discovery that he did not understand his language. This act showed Adam to be impatient, the no-nonsense ruler who could easily kill at the drop of a hat if he deemed them unnecessary.

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