Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Confirms A Link To The Animated Shows??

Multiverse of Madness’ 2nd trailer has taken the world by storm. It is a culmination of everything we could have never expected from Marvel. The studio is re-introducing characters from old franchises and from all kinds of universes, including the X-Men series and the Fox Universe. But it seems that there is a very subtle detail in the trailer which was missed by almost everyone. This easter egg in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer sets up the introduction of animated characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let us break this down for you scene by scene and then we can discuss the repercussions of this in the future.

For the uninitiated, Doctor Strange 2 is supposed to be a movie about an Avengers-level event that the former Sorcerer Supreme would have to tackle alone. Moreover, there is a horror element in the story of the movie that is quite unnerving for the average Marvel fan. However, we suppose that the MCU is ready to move onto the next stage of cinematic moviemaking with this installment of the franchise. They are trying to accomplish something that no studio has been able to do before them. Marvel Studios is trying to establish a comprehensive comic book reality by bringing in all the old iterations of the Marvel Universe. But now it seems that they are taking this idea farther than we could have ever thought possible.


Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

The second trailer has a scene where Strange and Chavez are seen floating through the multiverse. It looks as if they are not only traveling between universes but also different timelines. We feel that this is reminiscent of their journey and the journey of Marvel characters in animated and live-action media. But now all of this will culminate in Multiverse of Madness. The evidence of this can be witnessed in this very scene. While Doctor Strange and America Chavez float in the flux they pass a reality that looks to be entirely animated. An upside-down floor can be seen in this reality along with a traffic cone.


This is a clear indication that the Multiverse of Madness is going to be much bigger than we had previously thought. We can presume that the animated universe characters might be joining in on the fun. This includes the What If…? characters like Peggy Carter Captain America, Zombie Killer Spider-Man, Strange Supreme, and maybe even Infinity Ultron. Including Strange Supreme in a Doctor Strange Multiverse movie is the obvious choice but we are really excited to see a live-action Captain Carter in the MCU. This role could be imperative for female empowerment in the MCU.


There is also a chance that the movie will delve into the old X-Men animated universe from Fox because Disney is planning on bringing the show back on Disney+. It is possible that the animated characters will make a cameo in the movie and this will set up their return to the MCU. We are not sure which characters might choose to cameo but considering the reshoots, the movie has gone through it is possible that it might be a wolverine variant voiced by Hugh Jackman.


The Consequences

It will be interesting to see just how these characters interact with their live-action counterparts in the MCU. We are just as weird to them as they are to us. From their 2-dimensional perspective, everything we do will look the same to them, but to us, they are unique. It is unknown whether this speculation of our will bear fruit. For all we know the cone that we have spotted could just be a placeholder for CGI yet to be placed in the final cut and we are getting excited about nothing.


However, we do hope that we get to see a snippet of Strange Supreme in the Multiverse of Madness. His perspective of the multiverse’s problems will be invaluable in solving Doctor Strange’s dilemma in this movie. Maybe even The Watcher could appear in the MCU and solidify the director’s stance that everything in the animated show was canon to the MCU. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments.

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