New Doctor Strange 2 Fan Art of Illuminati Reveals All 6 Characters

The excitement for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universes projects has reached a new level with the dates coming closer and closer. With the full-length trailer for the Doctor Strange sequel already out, fans are hyped up to see when the movie comes out. Based on this trailer a lot of rather exciting things are going to show up in the movie and it might actually live up to the hype. With the appearance of Patrick Stewart in the trailer, the chance for some of the craziest fan theories has actually come true. This is something that was also seen in the case of the previous release from the MCU. A new piece of fan art of Illuminati for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness puts together the members of the Illuminati consisting of Captain Carter, Professor X, Reed Richards, and others.

Multiverse of Madness

The full-length trailer of Doctor Strange 2 consisted of a lot of exciting new details about the movie. One of the biggest theories regarding the movie was the appearance of a character from the Fox Marvel films. This includes the likes of both the X-Men films and the Fantastic Four films. Based on what we got to see in Spider-Man: No Way Home the chances of this happening actually increased. No Way Home had appearances of both the past Spider-Men from the Sony films using the Multiverse narrative. Based on what we got to hear in the trailer for the upcoming sequel, it seems that this theory might end up being true.


It is rather clear from the title of the movie that it will pay a deeper look at the Multiversal chaos in this movie. One particular from the trailer sees Strange being escorted by Ultron bots and put in front of a council. One of the members of this council says something that is addressed to others. The voice has an uncanny resemblance to Patrick Stewart who played Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies. Even though it is not confirmed who he might be playing, there is a larger chance of him reprising his roles as Professor X. While this could confirm one big theory about the movie, this council might be confirming a major theory.


The Illuminati

As this council that summons Strange seems to be consisting of a governing body, fans have linked it with the Illuminati. There was a major rumor regarding the appearance of this council in the movie. That would make sense considering it would make for an interesting governing body consisting of the superior variants of the Marvel heroes. The Illuminati actually acts as a group of Marvel heroes who represent each individual group of heroes in Marvel. Charles Xavier himself is a member of the group and that is exactly what links it with the trailer of Doctor Strange 2. It seems that fans took no time to work upon this theory.


New Fan Art of The Illuminati for Doctor Strange 2

Multiverse Illuminati Concept (Doctor Strange MoM)
by u/SUPERFRAME in marvelstudios

A new piece of fan art from Redditor SUPERFRAME imagines what the MCU Illuminati might look like. Based on his voice in the trailer, Patrix Stewart can be seen in a form that seems rather similar to his appearances as Xavier in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Other members include Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordo, Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man, Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel, and Ioan Gruffudd’s Mr. Fantastic from the Fox Fantastic Four movies. It is actually exciting to see them grouped together in their respective personas.


It is not yet confirmed whether this might actually end up coming true when the movie comes out, but there are more chances of such a thing happening. Fans might remember that a mysterious figure appears in the trailer going against Wanda in the Illuminati halls. This could be the Captain Marvel variant who is a member of the Illuminati herself. Fans might remember last year when there were fan arts of the three Spider-Men together, and it actually ended up coming true. This fan art only increases the excitement for the upcoming MCU entry.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters on May 6.

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