6 Most Powerful Telepaths in Marvel Comics

Marvel comics has a lot to offer and one of them is the amazing superpowers. Apart from the enormous powers that everyone possesses, here is a rundown of the 6 Most Influential Telepaths In Marvel Comics.

Shadow King


Shadow King has this enormous psychic energy. He is nevertheless forced to manifest by holding a human being and that human being is Amahl Farouk.Amahl was no good even before Shadow King possessed him. He was quote petrifying who telepathically controlled everyone and transferred their powers to the Shadow King.

Franklin Richards

Marvel Comics

After Reed Richards and Sue Storm got married thy planned to have. Franklin Richards, their first son was named after Sue’s father and was a born a mutant. Franklin is regarded as the most powerful mutant on Earth. He has got these amazing telepathic abilities.


If you are a diehard fan then you would realize that Cable has got these telepathic powers. But there is a catch and the catch is that his powers are actually held back and the reason being he needs to keep a check over the virus that has been destroying his body.

Jean Grey

We initially thought that he is quite weak, but he has certainly proved all of us wrong. She became the Phoenix which eventually made her powerful. Just imagine, she could eat the entire sun. Initially, Jean found it difficult to deal with her telepathic powers, but gradually she became too good in dealing with it. She got this ability to communicate with others and influence them and also could communicate with the animals.


So, Maximus got this amazing telepathic power that gave him the will to impose his ideas over others and he could also swap bodies. He is really dangerous, you better save yourself.

Professor X

Charles Francis Xavier aka Professor X started experiencing his telepathic powers when he was a kid, around ten years of age, and, as he became a grown up, he learned to manifest them. He became bald at a very young age due to the psychic energies which started emanating from his head.

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