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10 Crazy Details Ignored In Superhero Movies By The Fans

The experience of watching superhero movies on the big screen is a very different kind of experience. And if you are watching it at IMAX, then it is just awesome. Superhero movies have changed a lot in the last few years. The storylines have become better and the visual effects are also getting better. But apart from all this, there are a few things that we missed or ignored in these superhero movies. A few of them were the most iconic scenes. The others were some small details that explain certain events of the film and the sequels. Let’s check the complete list of details ignored in superhero movies by the fans.

1. Thor and Captain America catching Mjolnir in different ways – Avengers: Endgame

Captain America has been one of the most loved characters of the MCU. But it was a shocking moment for all of us when we saw him wielding Thor’s Mjolnir. As seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, none of the superheroes were able to pick it up. Usually, when Thor needs the Mjolnir, he summons it. The hammer then comes out of nowhere and lands in his hand. Steve also did the same and the Mjolnir landed on his hand. But Rogers receiving the hammer made it look a bit more impressive.

2. Pan-African flag hiding in plain sight – Black Panther

2018’s Black Panther was able to have some sort of cultural impact. It was a superhero film that had mostly a Black cast. Everything was good about the film. Here I must mention the attires worn by the cast. In the South Korea club scene, T’Challa, Nakia, and Okoye were seen wearing black, green, and red colored dresses. Let me tell you that these three colors are present on the Pan-African flag. This was a very good way to celebrate Pan-Africanism.

3. Traffic lights hint a revelation – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Details ignored in superhero movies

We saw an adolescent version of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here the villain was Michael Keaton’s Vulture. In one of the scenes, Toomes realizes that the boy taking his daughter to homecoming is actually Spider-Man. When the car stops at a red light, Parker says that he was not present when Spider-Man saved Peter’s classmates in Washington D.C. The red light then beams into Toomes’ face and his face flashes to green as he eerily decrees, ‘good ol’ Spider-Man’. This confirms that he knows Parker’s secret.

4. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark created special Hulk Pants – Avengers: Age of Ultron

MCU is known for packing Easter eggs in its movies. Avengers: Age of Ultron was also the same. There was a scene where Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were discussing if they should try using Mind Stone’s artificial intelligence for bringing Ultron back to life. At that time, a pair of large trousers can be seen briefly in the background of Stark’s lab. This proves that they actually made Hulk pants. This saved Bruce Banner from any embarrassment because of torn trousers.

5. Bruce Wayne hints at his future enemies while kicking out the guests – Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan has always ensured proper detailing on his films. This is what he did on The Dark Knight trilogy. When Bruce’s old mentor Henry Ducard reveals himself as the real Ra’s al Ghul, he says these words to his guests:

“So, here’s to you people. To all you phonies. All you two-faced friends, you sycophantic suck-ups who smile through your teeth at me. Please, leave me in peace. Please go. Stop smiling. It’s not a joke.”

It looks like Nolan was hinting at Batman’s future enemies through this monologue. The Dark Knight was then seen taking on Harvey ‘Two-Face;’ Dent and the Joker. But a few people were able to catch up on these references given by Bruce Wayne.

6. Laura’s attitude explained through her emotional IQ – Logan

Critics have praised the performances of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in Logan. But even Dafne Keen is someone who should be praised for her role as Laura. She was seen acting younger in comparison to her 11 years on this planet. But we all have seen her Transigen file in the movie. There it has been said that Laura’s IQ is somewhere between 74-78 months. It means she can react emotionally to social situations as a child of the age of six months would. Since she was raised as a machine, she did not get the chance to mature emotionally.

7. A lot of Excalibur nods – Batman V Superman

Details ignored in superhero movies

A few portions of Batman V Superman connect well with the fantasy epic – Excalibur. Bruce Wayne and his murdered parents were seen walking out of a cinema showing a 1981 classic. Batman and Superman fight together towards the end. This is the same as Excalibur where King Arthur and Sir Lancelot join forces to battle against evil in the end. Superman’s sacrifice is similar to the moment where Arthur lets himself impaled by Modred’s spear so that he can drive Excalibur into his foe. These elements somewhere show that the film is not a complete failure.

8. Camouflaging spider foreshadow Miles’ abilities – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In one of the scenes from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles spray paints on graffiti on a wall in an abandoned railway station. A spider is seen dangling down. Miles throws a mix of colours into the wall and grabs different spray cans to add to the mix. So the eight-legged spider cannot be seen so easily. When Miles reaches for the yellow spray can, the spider can be seen camouflaging into its new surroundings. Miles then picks up the can and the spider hops onto another and changes its body color that matches with the purple landing pad.

9. The writing on Harley Quinn’s bat is a quote from Batman: The Animated Series – Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad may not be everyone’s favorite. But the films have managed to remain a fan favorite. It had some minor Easter eggs that must be looked upon. One of them is the inscription on Harley Quinn’s baseball bat. She said the same words during her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. When Harley Quinn makes her first entry, she says,

“Here’s to Gotham Commissioner G., you lock up the weirdos, the crooks, and the geeks. You’re a hero to all the boys in blue, but this time, baby, the joke’s on you.”

The same words can be seen on Quinn’s bat. There is a minor difference. The word ‘baby’ has been replaced with ‘Puddin’. This is homage to one of the character’s most important moments during her existence in DC.

10. ‘Atomic Batteries To Power. Turbines To Speed.’ – The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie had several Easter eggs. This included the use of the iconic lines from Batman’s past. One of them was in the form of pre-flight check performed by Bat-computer for the Batmobile. The lines are from the 1960s Batman television series, ‘Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed’. The lines were said by Robin in the 1960s series when he performed the same checks on the Batmobile. This small dialogue is one of the best received homages to the days of Adam West’s campy delight.

So these were the details ignored in superhero movies by the fans. Did you guys spot them? Let us know in the comments.

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