This Crazy Moon Knight Theory Ruins The Complex Vigilance

There are quite a few differences when it comes to the Moon Knight characters in the series and the comics. A lot of hype went into how the character would be different from the version that we have gotten to see in the comics over the years. It was quite clear that Marvel Studios will try to give references to the elements from the comics while giving us a whole new take on the character for live-action. The same was done in the case of the villain played by Ethan Hawke, titled Arthur Harrow, a completely different take on the character. According to a new crazy Moon Knight theory, Marvel Studios might be taking major creative liberties and hence ruining the character.

Moon Knight

Right from the very beginning, it became quite clear that Marvel will stray from making references to the MCU in case of this series. The creators had referenced that they will not follow the usual formula and fans can watch the series even if they are not up to date with the status of the MCU. This is quite an interesting take on the character and allows for a certain amount of creative liberty. Fans have still managed to see that there are certain references that it makes to the MCU and it’s done in a manner that doesn’t make it seem obvious.


Crazy Moon Knight theory

There was a lot of confusion regarding the character of Arthur Harrow and how the MCU will work on adapting it. In the comics, this character had a very short appearance and he was only a supporting villain and not a part of the main group of villains. But even though the series took a different take on him, we did get to witness a major reference to an element of the character from the comics in the opening sequence where he puts broken glass into his shoes. At the same time, there are certain elements of the character of Moon Knight that make him quite different from the comic book version.


Moon Knight Theory

According to a new theory, there might be some major differences in the way the character appears in the MCU. In episode 1, we saw that Steven already had the Marc persona in his head. He even had the powers of Moon Knight before the events of the first episode could unravel. But the second episode shows him coming to terms with the powers and there is a lot of interaction between Steven and Marc. Some secrets are hinted at during this episode, which indicates some interesting factors yet to be explored. Putting Khonshu in this mix gives us an interesting mix of confusing elements that are going to leave the fans wondering.


The theory suggests that Marc Spector is dead and his personality is fused with Steven Grant to keep him alive. Throughout the first two episodes, there were multiple references that the character of Spector is dead. Earlier in the gift shop scene, we saw a girl ask him how it feels to be rejected. As his response, Steven says, “Well that doesn’t make sense because I’m not dead, am I. Am I?”. According to the theory, the girl is actually a figment of Steven’s imagination. Marc even promises Grant that once the debt to Khonshu is paid, his body will be returned to him.


If this theory is proven to be true, then the series is taking a completely different path than what we expected it to take. Here the whole idea of the personality disorder will be taken away and Spector’s character was important to show that this will not prevent him from being a better person. Each of his personalities in his head is motivated to take control of the body and this is an essential part of the narrative. But the series takes this away and reduces the concept to someone who is trying to be a superhero while holding another person hostage. Moon Knight will premiere new episodes every week on Disney+.


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